The Advanced Crew Training Programme (ACTP)

“This training programme is unusual.” Isn't that a bloody understatement. I asked, and even my grandmother can't remember anything like it. We all thought this Oversight Program was a myth, some part of the Computer that didn't actually exist. And these training courses — we've been getting them with “sleep induction hardware” or something like that. I don't even pretend to understand how that works. I mean, sure, the old legends said that this would happen one day, but I never believed them. And now Computer's telling us that a turning point approaches. I don't know what to make of any of it.

— From the public journal of Iskander Blue, ACTP inductee


You have been selected for the ACTP, to be given special training in one of a range of unusual skills. Not that you had much choice; being selected by the Computer is a great honour, and besides — if you refused, Computer would be unhappy with you. The selection of an elite cross-section of the crew for this special task has sent shockwaves around the ship, disrupting the normal politics, gossip, and sports matches. You have now been called to attend the monthly ACTP Meetings where you will meet with your fellow crew members and collectively try to solve the challenges you face.

The Inversion Point

From what can be gathered from Computer's announcement, the ACTP has been formed because of a unique event in the ship's history, called the Inversion Point. A summary of what this actually is (according to the department of Navigation), is as follows:

The Asimov is powered by an ion drive. This engine accelerates the ship through space very very slowly, by firing particles out the back of the ship. Over time, this adds up, and currently the Asimov is travelling at a substantial speed.

If the Asimov is to arrive at its destination at a safe speed, it needs to slow down. Since the engines point out of one end of the ship, this can only be achieved by physically turning the ship around, and pointing the engines in the opposite direction so that the ship starts to decelerate. Again, the deceleration is very slow, but adds up over time.

The apparent purpose of the ACTP meetings is for Computer to brief members on the necessary steps required to complete the Inversion at the appropriate time, as well as for members to come up with a strategy for solving any problems they encounter.


Computer has temporarily given members of the ACTP much more authority and freedom than they would normally have. They have greater access to ship systems, are allowed some flexibility over their work, and get extra rations from the fabricators (including better quality food).

Rumour has it that Computer is paying more attention to the ACTP members as well, and might be considering them for important positions onboard the ship.

All in all, being a member of the ACTP seems like a pretty cushy job. The only downside is having to attend the meetings, and possibly being responsible for the fate of the ship…

Game Sessions

Out of character, the game sessions represent these meetings. In character, they are called by the Computer on a roughly monthly basis so that members of the ACTP can plan for the following month. Attendance is requested from all members of the ACTP whether in person or by telepresence unit (a hologram projection of yourself). If your character chooses to telepresence into the meeting, they are not physically present, and thus cannot be physically attacked. The corollary to this is that they can't physically assist or interfere with other characters.

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