The Wiki, User Accounts, and Email


Welcome to the Society Game! If you're new here, this page exists as a guide to explain how we run the game. It's pretty simple, but feel free to ask the GM team if you have any questions. If you're an old hand, then nothing much has changed since previous games - feel free to skip past this page.

The Wiki

The wiki (generously provided by Gareth) exists to support the society game by containing an online reference to the system and setting, and allowing players to submit turnsheets.

Unlike some other wikis, you'll notice that you won't have access to everything, and most things you won't be able to edit. This is perfectly normal! To keep things simple for you, players are restricted to only being able to edit pages within their user space (this includes turnsheets). The GMs have access to everything else in the background.

On the left hand side, you'll see the index. This is a list of almost all the important pages you need to play the game, divided up into sections. Some of it deals with in-character stuff, some of it deals with the game system, and some of it is for reference.

When you're logged in, you'll see a number of controls related to your user account on the top right. This is how you access your user page for submitting turnsheets.

User Accounts

Getting A User Account

Getting a user account is fairly simple - contact the GM team and submit a character. We'll send you login details for your character's account as soon as we've approved the character.

Your User Page

Your user page can be accessed by clicking the “User Page” link on the top right hand of any page on this wiki. It will contain a summary of your character, and a list of links to your public biography, any secret briefs you have access to, and your turnsheets.

Other players won't be able to see your user page, and you won't be able to see theirs - all the better for keeping secrets! You will be able to see everyone's public bios, though it's up to you how much you trust them…


Your turnsheets will be a list of red links to begin with. To create a turnsheet, click on the link (you'll be taken to a page telling you that it doesn't exist yet). Once you're there, you'll see a control at the top right of the page called “Create This Page”. Click on it, and you'll be taken into the editing interface. If you need to come back to edit your turnsheet for any reason, you can use the same method (only this time it will be “Edit this page”).

When editing a turnsheet, you'll find that there's already a template laid out to guide you. Feel free to change this around a bit, but it's there to help you write and help us make sense of what you've written. The wiki uses markup which can be added using the controls at the top of the edit box. We've written an example turnsheet if you're unsure how this is all supposed to end up.

If you have any questions about editing, please contact the GM team. If you want to know what syntax/markup you can use, check the syntax page. If you want to experiment, have a go at editing the playground (note this is publicly viewable).


Your user account will also give you access to the email system, which we ask all players to use when writing messages to each other. It's pretty simple actually and doesn't require you to do anything other than send email to the appropriate address.

You'll receive an email address of the form yourusername@generation.chaosdeathfish.com. We'll automatically link it to the email address you give us when you submitted your character (you can change this later if you want). What this means is that anyone can send an email to your game address and it'll get copied to your regular email address. The email system will also automatically mask your real email address with your game one, if you send an email to another address that's linked to the system (because privacy is cool).

These emails will also get copied to us, the GM team. To make the game run smoothly and keep things efficient, we ask players to try to only send messages via game email so we have a copy - that way, we know what you're up to and can do things behind the scenes accordingly. All the game email addresses will be linked from the public bio pages of the relevant people, so if you need to get in touch with someone you can find their address there.

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