The following dynasties are notable families on board the ship. They are the most common exceptions to the tradition of taking one's home sector as their surname. The dynasties are all well represented among the leaders of the ship, and engage in nepotism, explicitly or otherwise. This behavior has led to their continued importance for many generations past, and seems likely to continue far into the future.

OOC: Membership of a dynasty is represented by the dynasty quirk. Without this quirk you can still include membership of a dynasty in your background, however for whatever reason you are not in favour with the family (perhaps you are a third child from a family sideline, or have been cast out for perceived slights against the leadership?). If you adopt a dynasty name without the dynasty quirk, the fact that you are not favoured is public knowledge and will be noted on your biography page.

Viteri Family

The Viteris claim that their family had been important for many centuries before Asimov was launched. According to their own records, they had a powerful trade empire across the continents of Earth. Nowadays, they have a reputation of being able to acquire things for people. They work hard and play hard; it is rare to see a Viteri in a ‘lowly’ occupation such as a BOB service technician or a bit-part actor. The name 'Viteri' is sometimes linked with the higher echelons of Cosa Nostra.

Notable Viteris:

  • Andreas Viteri, a very old and very senior educator in Health, and the head of the family. Rumoured to be well over the age of retirement, and doesn't get about much these days.
  • Nicola Viteri, a highly-skilled surgeon, rumoured to be the Head of Cosa Nostra
  • Jan and Wes Viteri, both top footballers. Jan is on Red Team and Wes 'Nipper' Viteri is on Green Team.

The Salamaris Dynasty

“Nunquam redono, numquam deditionem”
— Family Motto.

The Salamaris Dynasty have a reputation for sheer bloody minded pursuit of their goal, whatsoever it may be. Couple this with a penchant for high politics, and it is unsurprising that they are disproportionately represented among the higher echelons of their chosen careers. The Followers of the Executive revere the main line of this dynasty which they believe to be descended from the Executive's First Representative on Ship. The Salamaris dynasty generally regard this as a crass misrepresentation of their heritage, and make a point of dissociating themselves from it. However, they have not been above using such adoration from time to time when it was expedient to do so.

Notable Salamaris

  • Marshal Jack “Bloodhound” Salamaris, Head of Harmony
  • Carbide Salamaris, senior figure in the Friends of Computer
  • Evelyn Salamaris, largely disowned but popular Astrologer

La famille de Bouillon

The Bouillon family lay claim historical noble roots back on old Earth. The strongly believe in the concept of Noblesse Oblige: as they have been placed in superior positions due to a surfeit of the best genes coupled with top quality training and contacts, they have an obligation to help those beneath them. Many in the family are well known to be ideologues, seizing a cause and pursing it to extremes. These qualities have lead to a natural rise of those in the dynasty to roles of sector or faction leaders. Of course, in such a noble family, there are inevitable black sheep, those who serve only themselves and not those beneath them, and when discovered such bad apples are publicly cast out and stripped of their name.

Notable Bouillon

  • Guy Bouillon — Hydroponicist and philanthropist, loved for his work creating new foodstuffs.
  • Jean-Phillipe Bouillon — Popular socialite in Green, much rumoured to be challenging for the sector head position.
  • Fleur Bouillon — Fleur's precise Engineering skill is as immaculate as her dress sense. When she can make matches, she has a habit of keeping a clean sheet in goal for Blue's NGF team.
  • Marcus Deveraux Bouillon — Legendary hero of the Children of Earth, dedicated to saving Humanity from the outsider menace through dramatic strikes against his eternal foe, Computer.
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