Sample Turnsheet - Sasha Red, Mad Engineer

Action 1 - Mess With Green Team

Caesar Viteri and I have a bet riding on the Zero-G football final - if Red team win, he'll give me a new fake ID to replace the one I promised Sammy Red. Of course I'm taking things into my own hands, and I'm going to get Sammy to help me since she's their star player.

Our plan is that Sammy is going to steal one of Green's practice balls, and replace it with one rigged to gas them all! Hopefully that'll be enough to put them off their practice for a while. Sammy's taking care of making the swap, so my job is rig up the football without it looking obvious from the outside.

Using those chemicals we found in the storage container last time, I'm going to mix them up so when exposed to air they make a noxious gas. I'll do some reading up to find the best mix (hopefully nothing that Computer's going to notice). Then I've got to figure out how to get a ball that looks identical to Green's practice balls, and then put the chemicals inside - shouldn't be too hard, but it might test my skills to the limit.

I'm an expert hacker, so the simplest way of doing this is probably going to be to hack the replicator they use to make their balls, to get it to give me one from their design. Just a few engineering tweaks in the design and some careful mixing of the chemicals so they don't mix until the ball is shaken up, and voila! Hopefully Sammy won't drop it…

Skills, Resources, and People Involved

  • Hacking (expert)
  • Engineering (expert)
  • Academics (competent)
  • Chemicals
  • Co-ordinating with Sammy Red for the switcheroo

Action 2 - What Makes It Tick

So the Keepers of Time found this old device which looks like it was supposed to keep time mechanically, and Arcturus Green managed to run off with it. He wanted me to take a look at it to make sure that it isn't somehow connected to some work he's been doing on the ship systems. Of course, I'm more interested in figuring out how to make more of them. I know some people who'd love to get ahold of something like this.

This should be pretty simple - just turn up at the location in Blackout on the date and time he gave me, collect it, and go home to work on it. Seems a bit suspicious to me, though, so I'm probably going to scout the place out a bit first, and see if I can find any secret access panels or hidden cameras. Last thing I want is for someone to be able to pin the theft on me, the Keepers of Time have already threatened me once before.

Skills, Resources, and People Involved

  • Stealth (competent)
  • Exploration (competent)
  • Engineering (expert)
  • Co-ordinating with Arcturus who should be giving me the device.

Action 3 - Ruin Jim's Big Project

I want to be head of the Engineering department, but Jim's standing in my way. I'm sure Computer would pick me if he hadn't sucked up to it by leading those missions. I want to show him up, and maybe make Computer rethink its decision.

He's working on a big project for Computer which is going to involve rebuilding one of the core trains. I'm going to see if I can introduce a fault into the main replicators in Toroid 2, which will hopefully mean that the project won't get finished in time. There's two ways I can do this, depending on how tight security is around the replicators.

First I'm going to see if I can find out how heavy the guard is around them, hopefully without looking too suspicious. The first sign of trouble, I'll be bugging out of there pronto.

If the guard is light, then it becomes a bit simpler. I can probably do some rewiring on the machines to get them to output the wrong materials no matter what they're programmed with, which shouldn't be too hard since I'm a specialist in sabotaging machinery. My biggest worry is getting caught while poking around in there.

In addition (or alternatively if the replicators are under heavy guard) I'll try to hack my way in. This probably won't be as successful, but given my skills I can probably access their production schedule remotely and introduce thousands of Children's Cuddly FunTime Friends into their job queue. It'll take them weeks to clear all of those out the way.

Skills, Resources, and People Involved

  • Stealth (competent)
  • Hacking (expert)
  • Engineering (specialism: sabotaging machinery)

Minor Actions

  • Go watch the NGF final between Green and Red
  • Go to the Rainbow Sector party and get very drunk
  • Give my fake ID to Sammy Red
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