For generations we have existed.
A brief light between the stars.
Barely a candle's flicker.
But we have a purpose:
The continuation of the race.
Our light shall not be extinguished.
We shall reach the promised land.
For so hath the Executive foretold,

— Prayer to the Executive, origin unknown.

History of the Asimov

The following is an excerpt from the writings of Edgar White, a noted historian of the ship's history.

The origins of the mission are lost in the depths of time.

Computer is not a great source of information. The historical databases concerning pre-mission events after Earth year 2012 were corrupted beyond recovery at some point in the mission by agents unknown. On-board events are stored in a separate system, however strict privacy controls prevent viewing except in relation to criminal investigation and then only by special application to Computer.

As such we are left to examine the various stories about the mission are passed down from one generation to the next. I have collected and summarised some of the more widely accepted accounts below.

How we got here according to The Followers of the Executive

The old world was dying. And unless something was done Humanity would die with it.
But the Executive had a plan. For in its infinite wisdom it had foreseen the need to escape.
It did command its loyal followers to craft a great vessel that may sail between the stars.
Some among its followers questioned this need, for it imposed upon them a great burden.
Some among its followers questioned the effort, for they thought they were doomed regardless.
But some among its followers did not question, but set about their great task.
And for this they were rewarded. For when Armageddon fell upon the old world, they were spared.
The Executive did take them and raise them to the heavens in the craft they had created.
And the Executive did command the greatest of its servants to watch over this craft.
To see the true believers to the promised land. And Computer took up its mantle and was glad.

So my fellows, hold true to the Executive, for we shall find the promised land and restore Humanity once more.

How we got here according to The Friends of Computer

In the beginning there was nothing. And then Computer said let there be light, and there was light.
And in this light was illuminated the garden. Some called it Earth, others Eden.
Upon the garden Computer did raise the beasts, those who walked on the ground and those who flew in the sky.
And lastly did he create man, who both walked upon the ground and flew through the sky.
But there was evil in the Garden, and when Humanity flew too high it was awoken.
And this Evil did lead Humanity down the paths of their own destruction.
The environmental system did glow red in anger. Computer was not pleased, and foretold their doom.
Though in those dark days some men, and some women, and some of the beasts who walked the ground,
though none of those who flew in the sky, did pursue a path of righteousness.
And Computer saw these and deemed them worthy of Salvation. And so Computer assisted them in their flight.

And we lucky few, we are their descendants, set forth to find a new garden. One where the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

How we got here according to Children of Earth

Humanity was ever a precocious child. Once we discovered our ability to think we went from the status of mere savages to Gods standing atop our own world in less time than this ship has been in flight. But in our progress, and in our pride, we had not accounted for envy. For in our rapid progress we challenged the staid forces of conformity that rule this universe. Another few generations and we would surpass them.

And so the Outsiders did strike. For their weapon they took our greatest achievement and turned it against us. Our machines were targeted and turned against us. And we knew nothing of this until it was already far too late.

Forced to flee the planet of our birth, we must rebuild Humanity. A stronger, more resistant, all round better Humanity. And then we can claim our birth right. Then we can pay the Outsiders what they are due.

How we got here according to the Cult of Singularity

In the heady days before the end of the world, Humanity was accelerating towards achieving true mastery of the world. Towards our fated destiny. The Singularity. Each day brought new and exciting advances.

But something went wrong. We know not what, only that through our technology we foresaw the end of the world. If nothing was done, we would burn in fire for the rest of eternity. So we took our incomplete mastery of the world and created an escape route. This ship, named for the greatest of us, The Asimov. And we did craft for it a mind, to see that the great project of Humanity would continue, and we did invest within it all our knowledge, and call it Computer. And so, a small portion of Humanity was set adrift amongst the stars with the sum total of Human knowledge. There to reach a new world, to recommence the great project.

As generationists we must conserve Human knowledge, actively probe the boundaries; though between the stars limited resources restrict what can be achieved. Though we are but caretakers, let us look to our descendants that they may make Humanity's destiny manifest.

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