What is PvP?

PvP, or Player vs. Player conflict, arises where two or more player characters have conflicting plans or goals.

PvP conflict in this sense can be anything from having an argument with a rival, to secretly undermining their political powerbase, to having a squad of goons beat them up and steal their lunch money, to hunting them down and assassinating them. PvP is a scale, from minor conflict with little at stake, to intense conflict with lives and livelihoods at stake. Often, conflict will escalate up this scale over time as rivalries grow or as the stakes increase.

Is PvP supported in this game?

The crew of the Asimov have a number of conflicting goals. There is a limited supply of important resources like food, materials, and computation time, and access to these resources will give you more opportunity to carry out your plans. However, the ship and its society are resources which everyone relies on, and preserving them may require cooperation.

Like most society games, Generation supports and encourages PvP conflict. From an out-of-character perspective, the setting design will result in characters competing against each other for control of limited resources, and also in constructing the dominant political and ideological paradigms of ship society. If your character is interested in these things, then it is likely they will come into conflict with other characters.

There are other plots and goals to follow which don't focus on conflict, and it is in the interests of characters to co-operate with each other to at least some degree for some of the important matters which affect everyone. By and large, Generation is similar to most society games in the way it treats PvP.

What about murder and character death?

In roleplaying games, killing your opponent often seems a logical conclusion to a PvP conflict. However, as other players have often invested significant time and effort in their characters, casual murder is rarely much fun. Well motivated and inventive murder, on the other hand, can be fun for all parties involved. As GMs it is our job to strike a balance between freedom to act in a natural way, and the fun of people involved. Therefore, it is important to explicitly note there is no out-of-character prohibition on killing characters.

However, there are serious in-character consequences for committing (or attempting to commit) murder. Wasting ship resources is a capital offence. Computer is (for the most part) an all-seeing, all-knowing entity that is also quite smart, and will often intervene to save your victim unless you're very clever. Even if you're successful it will probably start investigating the murder and may be able to pin it on you eventually. Players may also have spent time protecting themselves from attack, especially if they know you might be coming for them.

To be clear: choosing to murder a character will likely result in your character also losing out significantly, unless you convince your victim to metaphorically stand on a giant red X. The GM team strongly encourage players to explore other ways of resolving conflict before resorting to murder, and we note that creative methods of beating or getting an advantage over an opponent are likely to be more effective (and fun).

How can I avoid it?

The fact remains that characters in Generation are not immortal. If you're anxious to avoid character death at all costs, there are a number of options available to you.

  • Telepresencing into the meetings via hologram means your character can't be physically attacked in session.
  • Choosing the “Play It Safe” playstyle quirk will let the GMs know that you would prefer to get out of a situation alive rather than take a risk.
  • There are various other quirks and skills which can help protect you.
  • Characters can build up protections against attacks over time — for example, hiring a bodyguard, fortifying a secret location to use as a base, or building a weapon for self defense.
  • Avoiding serious conflict in the first place lessens the chances that someone will try to kill you.

If you have any concerns, or if you want us to clarify anything here, please email the GM team on gm@generation.chaosdeathfish.com or have a chat with us at session.

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