NPC List

The following is a brief summary of major NPCs and what is publicly known about them.

Name Details Sessions present Played by
Computer Computer's meeting avatar Session 1, 2, 4 Gemma, Roisin, Dave
Yuna Senka Red Head of Red Sector Session 1, 2 Gemma
Kalys Rainbow Head of Engineering Session 1, 2, 4 Gemma
“Tiny” Red Girl in early teens Session 1 Gemma
Mira White Head of White Sector Session 1, 4 Roisin
Jenny Green Head of Recycling Session 1, 4 Roisin
Jes Black Lizard Stew Seller Session 1, 4 Roisin
Logan Rainbow Plays Colleen Whitesider Session 1 Roisin
Sven Butterfly Rainbow Head of Rainbow Sector Session 1 Dave
“Hawk” Blue Head of Navigation Session 1, 2 Dave
Billy Red NGF Fan Session 1 Dave
Lucas Blue Head of Blue Session 1 Elliot
Manny Blue Blue Harmony Manager Session 1, 2, 4 Elliot
Craig Rainbow BOB Rat Artist Session 1, 2, 3, 4 Elliot
Andreas Viteri “Head of Childcare” Session 1, 3, 4 Elliot
Ferris Red Session 3 Elliot
The Man of No Particular Colour Mysterious guy Session 3, 4 Elliot
Wolf Red EMT / Celebrity Session 4 Elliot
Evanescence Rainbow Rainbow artist Session 1 Jen
Marcia Blue Blue liaison to Engineering/BOB herder Session 1,2,4 Jen
Jocelyn Green Administrator Prime, Cartographers Session 1 Jen
Mei Mei White Pinup-cum-BOB herder extraordinaire Session 1,3 Jen
Thursday White Marshal and NGF player Session 1,3,4 Jen
Friend Albus White Friends of Computer preacher Session 1 Jonathan
Six-Finger Jack Has six fingers Session 1, 3 Jenny
Jenny Red Coach of Engineering, formerly Red Session 1, 3 Jenny
Laura Blue Head of Health Session 1, 3 Jenny
Justice Rainbow Photographer Session 3 Jenny
Jan Viteri Red NGF player, and currently coach of Red Session 2 Gemma
Ace Black Messenger boy Session 2 Dave
Grand Adept Ohara Cult of the Singularity member Session 2 Dave
Isosceles Blue Navigator of no note Session 2, 3 Jen
Sue Green Chad Fangrrl Session 2 Jen
Celia Red Crusher fan—Lost the shirt off her back Session 2,3 Jen
Sarra Black Callie Fangrrl Session 2 Jen
Claire Red Tiny's Mother Session 3,4 Jen
Dorrie Blue Girl in mid/late teens Session 4 Gemma
Allie Viteri Session 4 Roisin
Alloy Blue Engineer Session 4 Jen
Chloe White stranded on toroid 3 Session 4 Jen
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