The Forum

The Forum is traditionally a space where people meet, socialize, gossip and have discussions, aided by the ever-present Computer and some advanced holographic projection technology which allows people to “telepresence” in from elsewhere on the ship, through the use of VR equipment and sophisticated cameras.

The Forum is often used for games, diplomacy, trade deals, and teaching children — and is one of the most public spaces on the ship (and incidentally, one of the safest, due to the threat of concealed Computer-controlled turrets in the walls). It is traditional to celebrate major occasions with parties, and is usually filled with people at most times of the day.

Located in one of the quieter areas of the ship, in the grey sector between Green and White, the Forum is generally very accessible and easy to get to either by dropping directly from the core or by passing through one of those two sectors. For those that can't or don't want to make the trip, VR terminals are distributed fairly frequently throughout the ship, letting people telepresence in from almost anywhere else.

The Meetings

The ACTP meetings are called in the Forum to allow participants in the programme to take advantage of the holographic imaging systems, as well as providing a neutral space for groups who would ordinarily be antagonistic towards each other. It is generally acknowledged that the Forum is relatively safe (for a given value of the word), though turning up in person will always have its risks.

The meetings are planned roughly monthly to review the ship's status and to allow programme members to organise, plan and generally work together in peace and harmony. How they'll actually turn out is another question altogether…

OOC: You may choose to turn up to an ACTP meeting in person or by telepresence. Those people who are present holographically will be given a sash by the GM team to identify themselves as holograms. You cannot physically touch or directly interact with a person who is telepresencing, and they cannot do the same to you.

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