Aiden White (Chris N.) [DECEASED]


Aiden White is an Emergency Medical Technician best know for his slightly over the top devotion to his job. Be it pulling people out of fires or administering first aid to someone who got in over their head with a rogue BOB, he's rarely not out trying to save lives. Emphasis on trying.

Those who know him often describe him as friendly, although his sense of humour is a little on the morbid side for most people's tastes. Must come with being a medic.


Extract from “Physician, Heal Thyself : A History of Health Professionals' Health” by Dr. Max Green.

Aiden White was one of several high-profile medics who suffered mental health problems during the ACTPs of 2649 onwards1). It is now known that Aiden had been given drugs to increase his suggestibility2) which would have contributed to his mental deterioration. However, contemporary sources suggest that he was already a highly-strung individual who valued the lives of others much more highly than his own. Many factors contributed to his suicide in 2650. He had lived with his family (father, David, and sister, Chloe) in White sector for only a short period; he had been one of the cryo-sleep crewmembers who awoke with retrograde amnesia. According to Chloe, he had discovered that his family were adoptive only weeks before his death. Aiden was also party to a long-running feud with his successor as head of Health, Postlethwaite 'Posi' Rainbow. Contemporary sources are difficult to unravel due to the campaigns of misinformation between the two rivals. The popular theory of the time is that Posi had either murdered Aiden, or directly driven him to suicide. However, this theory has since been discredited3) and his death is now acknowledged as a tragic suicide.

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