Anarr White Sector Overflow (Gareth) [DECEASED]



“Anarr White Sector Overflow, variously known as Anarr Violet and Harold Marmaduke, was an enigma whose life and fate were never adequately explained. Co-founder and core member of the Sentient Liberation Front for many years until his death, Anarr had at one point been a member of the Friends of Computer, the Keepers of Time and even the mysterious Order. His apparent obsession with Computer's hardware eventually proved his downfall; after being sentenced to recycling for apparently building a new node in Computer's network and activating it in the core, he fled to Blackout until apparently being executed on Computer's orders.”

“Anarr is particularly notable for two things - the branch of philosophy he founded with the SLF was picked up by Indium Blue and survives to this day, and was instrumental in guiding thinking around the events of the Overwrite and Planetfall. To some degree we must credit him with our society and new home as it is now, as it was his advances that allowed other crewmembers to successfully overcome the Overwrite. The second is the greatest advancement in understanding Computer's hardware ever achieved by an individual during the Journey; building monitoring devices, deciphering protocols, and apparently entirely new nodes.”

-Excerpted from Risk and Reward: Famous Computer Scientists and Hackers of the Asimov

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