Callie Blue (Eleanor H.)


Callie is an enthusiastic BOB herder from Blue sector. She recently joined the Cartographers, and spends her spare time exploring disused parts of the ship. She's a huge fan of Blue Team in the NGF league, and a devoted follower of Wolf Drop.


Excerpt from “BattleBOBs: The Anniversary Edition”:

…and who can forget the incredible, the insane, the maniacal Callie Blue. Still the unrivalled Queen of the Ring, Callie Blue is rarely defeated in the Ring. Her skill with the shield, ripping BOBs apart with her bare hands - I'm sure we've never seen anything like it, and quite well may never see anything like it again! BattleBOBs wouldn't be the same without her.

Excerpt from “BattleBOBs: Two Years of MAYHEM”:

“It's madness, it's mayhem, it's BATTLEBOBS! First up tonight, it's Callie Blue - the woman who's bested more BOBs than we care to count. The woman with the iron fist (literally!). The woman who just can't be beaten!”

Excerpt from “BattleBOBs: 3rd Anniversary”:

”…and introducing the Mistress of Mayhem herself: Calliiieeee Bluuueeee!!!”

Excerpt from “The Engineer's Almanac: Concerning BOBs”:

It should go without saying that attacking an armed BOB is incredibly dangerous. However, the “Callie Blue” method of “jumping on the thing and ripping it to shreds” is most certainly an effective method of disabling a rogue BOB. Advisable? No. Effective? Yes.

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