Carla Blue (Ellie H.)



Carla Blue was a much loved member of Engineering, hugely popular among the people of the Asimov for her tireless efforts to maintaining the ship through repairs and improvements. With no job too small and no problem too difficult, Carla regularly went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the people of the Asimov could enjoy the regularly high quality of life they were used to.

She was also a significant contributor to the Engineer's Almanac and other knowledge retention projects that were initiated post the ACTP meetings 2650 and her writing style is recognised as being eminently practical and instructive.

She was also one of the team of BOB-herders who finally captured the legendary 'Gramps', earning herself a place in Engineering history. That she was still only a novice BOB-herder at the time, tackling an incredibly dangerous machine, makes the achievement all the more noteworthy.

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