Ellis Bouillon (Susannah C.)


(OOC note: male character played by female)


Extract from “Heroes of the Flip; an Examination”

Ellis de Bouillon is sometimes known as the shortest-ever-term Head of Engineering, but he contributed much more to the inversion than that, and to post-inversion life. His predecessor, Kalys Rainbow, delegated responsibility for the flip to the ACTP engineers, and Ellis was a key driving force of the band of jury-riggers and wrench-wielders. He became Head of Engineering during the Inversion itself, and brought a new level of organisation and successful bureaucracy to the department.

His success was short-lived. He was demoted from his position in the Great Trial of 2650, which has been well documented elsewhere. However, he continued to achieve great things in the department, co-creating The Engineer's Almanac and supporting the appointment of a Chief Computer Consultant. Both these actions served to ensure that the degradation of knowledge was halted, heralding the start of the new information era. Ellis worked tirelessly in Engineering to prepare for planetfall. He spent the latter years of his life with his wife, Varian, living on Eva.

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