Hades Black (Edward G.) [DECEASED]


Excerpt from “The most infamous criminals ever!”, a book aimed at school children

Few figures are as infamous as Blackbeard the Pirate, Jack the Ripper and Al Capone. The most recent entry into the hall of fame is undoubtedly Hades Black, The Man Who Almost Conquered Blackout. Known for his high and grisly bodycount, he nonetheless managed to persuade many ACTP members that he was harmless, and indeed recruited them to help in his ruthless rise to power, but not before taking time out to star in the top vidfeed show of his time, Samurai Vikings of the 21st Century.

Originally a minor age criminal leading a bicycle gang, he slowly but steadily climbed the greasy pole of Blackout power, at the height of his power controlling roughly three quarters of the entire territory (while Blackout had five Dukes, only four had significant territory, while the fifth controlled a fabber and secure bunker with minimal attached territory).

It is believed that while he perished in a dispute over territory at the hands of the notorious gangster Jon Blackout, the real ones pulling the strings were none other than the Cosa Nostra Godfather Mordecai White and Captain Lyla Red themselves.

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