Hephaestus Black (Gareth) [DECEASED]



This ship's a living thing and aliens are the disease it doesn't even know it's dying from. But don't worry, I'm the cure …

Hephaestus Black will always be remembered as the hero who sacrificed his life to prevent the overwriting of Toroid 5. Launching himself (with no previous Zero G training) out into the void, blasting away at the connections between Toroids 5 & 6 as he did so, then succumbing to radiation poisoning … his death, like his life, was nothing if not dramatic. In fact, the footage of this heroic action is still one of the most watched vid-clips in humanity's archives.

As well as martyring himself for the good of Toroid 5, he was an SV21 regular cast-member for several months before his death, his contribution to the show being memorable for his badassery and his memorable catchphrase (“Remember kids, if you see an alien then call Hephaestus Black: Alien Hunter”).

His good friend, Autumn Green, remembers him as “a good man, committed to the cause, and a great shot!”.

Sadly his memory is tinged by his apparent involvement in the Great Alien Conspiracy, believed to be an elaborate concoction of the Children of Earth. Certainly, his persona of an 'alien hunter' would suggest this, though whether he was a willing conspirator or an unwitting dupe is up for debate …

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