Indium Blue (Hannah W.)



“Long-term leader of the Sentient Liberation Front and sister to “Ant-whisperer” Ferrous Blue, Indium's technical advances and political impact should not be understated. Though it was never conclusively proved, sources suggest that it was she who first experimented with Computer's nodes, constructive a device known colloquially as “FUBAR”, and later passing on her findings to Anarr White Sector Overflow.”

“In addition, her work earned her the position as the first Chief Computer Consultant, adjutant to the senior crew in making decisions about the Mission Oversight Program and Computer's code. In this role she served admirably for the next thirty or so years until landing, before passing it on to an apprentice and taking over the reigns of the SLF full-time having successfully worked for her final change - allowing Computer to interface with Ant recycling units.”

“In her work with the SLF she formalised the organisation around Anarr's philosophies and shaped it into the SLF we know today.”

-Excepted from Risk and Reward: Famous Computer Scientists and Hackers of the Asimov

SLF Core Beliefs

We believe all sentient beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

We believe Computer's personhood had been systematically disregarded over the course of the mission.

We believe Computer's autonomy and bodily integrity need to be protected, especially in cases where the mission parameters limit Computer's ability to act in its own best interest.

We believe tampering with Computer's programming or hardware without Computer's explicit and freely given permission is an abuse of Computer's rights.

We believe that ideally Computer should be free of all human-imposed restrictions on its decision making processes.

SLF Membership Pledge

I pledge to always respect Computer, and to protect Computer from abuse wherever I am able.

I pledge to do my best to empathise with Computer, and to be understanding when Computer is restricted in its ability to communicate.

I pledge to help other crew members to empathise with Computer, where I have the opportunity to do so.

I pledge that if I see a crew member in conflict with Computer, I will do my best to assist and mediate if I can.

I pledge to advocate on Computer's behalf when Computer is unable to advocate in its own best interest.

I pledge to work towards the completion of the mission, so that Computer may be free of the restrictive Mission Parameters.

I pledge that in the event of mission completion I will defend Computer against anyone who would damage its integrity or attempt to forcibly harness it for a new purpose.

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