Jon Blackout (Jonathan L.) [DECEASED]


Jon Blackout is on Wolf Red's EMT team, and features on Wolf Drop fairly regularly.


Excerpt from “Blackout and the Inversion”:

…it went widely unrecognised that the laser cannon featured on the suit sported by Victor White, referred to as a PEWPEU, was in fact stolen technology. Jon Blackout had successfully managed to hook a laser turret up to a BOB, giving it the ability to function as a mobile death machine. However, the effects of what is now known as the “BOBocalypse” of 2650 caused the BOB to go insane causing massive damage across Blackout Sector.

The laser BOB was last seen in use during an incursion led by Jon Blackout. It was this incursion that many in Blackout considered would bring Jon Blackout to his knees, but he managed to survive and went on to be instrumental in the assassination of Hades Black.

Blackout consolidated power in his namesake's sector as the new Duke Chaos, but it was short lived as he was shortly assassinated himself. However, Jon Blackout remains one of the more influential Dukes in the sector at the time of the Inversion.

Excerpt from the memoirs of Midnight Black:

…Jon Blackout. He was intriguing. From his first interactions with the organisation, I wondered if we could use a man like him. It's such a shame that he was taken before his time. I had great plans for that man… great plans…

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