Mobius Blue (Mark J.)


Being blind isn't as much of a problem as you'd think for Mobius Blue. As a Monitor within the Department of Navigation he spends most of his days plugged into a computer terminal whose output can be visualised by his cybernetic eyes. Since he can only see things displayed by computers, Mobius spends a lot of his free time in Worldcraft where he is able to see the most amazing sights.


Navigator and dedicated Worldcraft player Mobius Blue passed away this week from an unknown illness, thought to have been possibly linked to self-inflicted malnutrition. His body was not found for several days, as he died still attached to the Worldcraft network and it was only when the decomposition began that his death was realised.

Friends in the game paid tribute to a true fan, and some have even claimed to have seen him still roaming within the game, slaying monsters and exploring new areas, though this is of course likely to be merely a co-incidentally similar avatar of another player. Still, as the game returns back to normal after the recent Overwrite left it briefly nearly unplayable, all agree that this player will be sorely missed.

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