Morning Rainbow (Toby W.) [DECEASED]



”…and through the medium of his sacrifice, those who had committed the greatest sin against Computer and Man were cast down, their atoms to rejoin and serve Humanity in the purest way. And so Morning Rainbow fulfilled his destiny and purpose as the first and greatest of the BFFs, founding and inspiring a line which continues to this day.”

“Through the will of Computer, Morning's thoughts and memories were brought forth as testimony to those who still lived, and they heard the wisdom in his words of allowing the Friends to choose their own way, uncorrupted by those who would push the blasphemy of the split. And so it was that the full body of Computer was brought to the Destination and to a new paradise for Humanity, where Computer lives still and watches over us as we begin a new age.”

“It is from Morning that the ceremonial mask of the BFF originated, and the holy halls of the Station where Computer dwells still resound with the chorus of a thousand kazoos. Every BFF since seeks to emulate him and his good works, and we know that his atoms, too, live on serving Humanity.”

-from The Book of Morning: A History of the Early Friends

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