Nemo Blue (Iain D.)



Extract from a selection of stories written by Toroid 3 tribespeople:

He came from the outside and the darkness to bring light to the Tribes.
He brought knowledge and peace to our people.
He brought us safely through the darkness into the light of the future.
Nurturing Lizard: Prophet, leader, friend.
You will not be forgotten.

Extract from “Planetfall: The Greatest Endeavour in Human History, published in the late 29th Century”:

“In the years it took to reach the planet we now call home, Nemo “Nurturing Lizard” de Bouillon-Blue worked on the terraforming processes while others, including the renowned navigator, Varian White and the then Head of Engineering, Ellis Bouillon worked to land the ship. He was responsible for the proliferation of plants which now cover part of the planet's surface, releasing into the atmosphere the oxygen we need to breathe and the food that we eat.

Nemo campaigned extensively for repealing the compulsory recycling laws in favour of stricter birth control. Alongside Amandine de Bouillon, he helped to preserve the knowledge of previous generations. That you are able to read this is testament to their success. When he wasn't in the main two toroids, he returned to his tribe in T3 where he had a small group of loyal followers. It is also said that he would often disappear into the virtual reality game, Worldcraft, for days at a time.

He has the distinction of being the first Head of Agriculture, a department he helped form after splitting from Recycling and which was based in T3. The members of Agriculture are distinguishable by their green jackets and daisy insignia. From their humble beginnings, they have become an indispensable part of planetary life.

Nemo passed away peacefully in T3 in the year 2716. Legend has it that he was 689 years of age, having been born on Old Earth.”

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