Nikki Rainbow (Laura C.)



Extract from the journal ‘Breakthroughs in Medical Engineering’

Devon Blue is the genius credited with perfecting the art of cybernetics for longevity, but there are many who say his beloved wife, Nikki Rainbow, head of Rainbow Sector and acclaimed writer-director of the long-running Samurai Vikings of the Twenty-First Century series, was the real driving force behind his discoveries. Starting by examining the crude designs of the infamous ‘BOB-Emperor’, a slowly dying torso and exposed brain within a BOB as created by insane genius Craig Rainbow, he swiftly discarded them as impractical and inefficient. Over the course of many years, using lizards and volunteers with terminal illnesses or wounds from the area known as Blackout, he invented a machine capable of prolonging human life almost indefinitely. This consists primarily of a BOB-like shell containing blood filtration and aeration units, pumps, a glucose distributor and various other cybernetic organ replacements, which wires directly to the brain and spine of an individual, all other parts being then unnecessary.

Devon is said to have complained frequently, though these claims are unsubstantiated, that “Nikki only loves me because she knows I’m the best; I sometimes wonder if she would leave me if I weren’t working on the Project for her. She spends so much time off in Blackout. Sometimes I don’t even see her for days at a time. Also, having my own test subject giving me advice is creepy.”

This last is believed to be in reference to Ragnhild Black, Devon’s most famous successful case and a talented engineer in her own right, primarily famed for her work on Samurai Vikings. It is known that his bio-engineering techniques prolonged her lifespan for several decades longer than any doctor had expected, though her final fate is unknown, having disappeared into the depths of the Asimov some years later.

Rumours of marital unrest between Devon and Nikki are generally considered to be baseless, as they lived a long and to all appearances happy life together while Nikki went on to produce ten seasons of the increasingly surreal Samurai Vikings. Research has uncovered a potential link, however, between Nikki Rainbow and successful Blackout Duke Madeleine Black. These theories hinge primarily on Nikki’s disappearance at the same time as Madeleine’s death in a prolonged shoot-out with Marshals in the wreckage of her popular casino, Valhalla.

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