Pit Blue (Michael C.)



Extract from “Heroes of the Flip: an Examination”

As a co-designer of the Anti-Radiation Capsule, Pit Blue was instrumental in engineering activities relating to the Inversion, and variants of the ARC are still in use today. He used the first ARC to explore previously unknown areas of Asimov, and re-discovered many features of toroid 5.

Extract from “Health Bulletin”, 26–

…Both test subjects, brother and sister PB and DB, showed signs of the genetic defect known as Salamaris' disease, which can lead to symptoms such as fusion of bones, increased ageing of body cells, and early mortality. The genetic mutation can be traced back to early Salamaris on-board Asimov1). The case of PB and DB does not contradict this, as their parentage is unrecorded. Whilst the defect has been previously documented, research into a cure has been stalled by lack of access to a molecular foundry. As the foundries have now been derestricted, research is underway to synthesise a cure…

Extract from “Eva Believer”, a rather sensationalist newspaper, 29–

They're in the forest, they hide in the trees. I've seen them. They've got glowing eyes, and really long fingers. They can climb faster than a gecko. I think they were human, once. Computer only knows what they are now.

1) ibid. p. 432-435
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