Posi Rainbow (Michael C.)


“Posi” Rainbow is well known around the ship. Mainly as “oh god, not the bloody lizard guy again”. His particularly positive, petcare focused brand of psychiatric treatment has given him quite a reputation, and has generated significant results. Of course, the increase in happiness could just be from the extra meat source that the lizards provided to his patients provide when they inevitably “escape”, but either way it seems to work. Remember, a lizard is for life, not just for breakfast.


Excerpt from “Lizards: Friend or Foe?”

…most notable was Dr Postlethwaite “Posi” Rainbow - noted psychologist - founder of televisual phenomenon “Lizard Hospital”. His care for the shipboard lizards was unparalleled at the time of the Inversion and it was his sole effort that brought them to the popularity of today.

However, Posi's reign was not all benevolent. Having risen to the position of Head of Health on the same day as the incident known as “The Core”, he began revolutionising the department. Sources show, however, that he was using his position to construct a deadly plague and work on continuing a project started by Craig Rainbow into cybernetically combining lizards and BOBs on the ship.

This project came to fruition in 26– when BOB-lizard attacks suddenly sprung up across the ship as well as the unleashing of a deadly plague. Health and Engineering officials eventually managed to beat back both of these, but not before serious loss of life occurred. Posi publicly announced that this was his doing, condemning the people of the ship. Whilst Posi was found dead shortly after this incident, its effects are still felt to this day and lizards are viewed with a great degree of caution. Nevertheless, the lovability of these reptilian friends has remained long since this incident, and for that we truly have Posi Rainbow to thank.

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