Roy Green (Benedict P.)



Excerpt from “BattleBOBs: The Anniversary Edition”:

…the MAN with the CHAINSAW for a HAND. Truly magnificent, truly beautiful chaos. BOBs would quake in fear as he stepped into the arena. If it weren't for that fateful incident halfway through the grand final of Series 1, he could have had a grand future in BattleBOBs. We tip our hats in solution to this brave man, and hope that his decision to continue a quite life in gardening will be a successful one, and that having to amputate his other arm won't hamper him too much…

Excerpt from “Planetfall: The Greatest Endeavour in Human History, published in the late 29th Century”:

The assistance of Roy Green - the man with chainsaws for arms - in the process of selective tree surgery for the purpose of creating houses on the new planet can not be understated, although the claim that “two chainsaws is better than one” may not be quite as close to the truth as one may suspect. Indeed, whilst two chainsaws for arms make short work of cutting down a tree, they do not lend themselves to then picking up what falls…

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