Captain Samuel Red (Mark S.)



Excerpt from “Captains of the Asimov: Behind the Title” by Mira Salamaris

Samuel Red's stewardship of the Marshal corps was short lived. Within a few short months of his appointment a higher duty called - he was to be appointed Captain. It seems Computer had a thing for ex-Marshals. Or possibly it figured that as he'd successfully prosecuted the entire previous command crew it had better put in place somebody he wouldn't go after. Then maybe he wouldn't try and arrest it too.

As a marshal, Sam had distinguished himself and contributed greatly to the bringing of order to much of Blackout, and he continued in his steadfast duty as he assumed the mantle of Captain, successfully guiding the ship to its orbit above Eva.

His tragic death while leading a heroic defence of the core against FoC extremists two days before final orbital insertion was a great loss to us all, and it is perhaps fitting that Computer declared him the last captain of the Asimov, instead appointing a Planetary governor to succeed him.

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