Wheatley "The Crusher" Red (Eddy P.)



Just who was this intricate man we call the Crusher? Wheatley ‘Crusher’ Red was famed through many walks of life; from his rising star as one of the most successful – and bloody – NGF stars the game has ever known to the masked terror known as Quake, who brought Blackout to heel under his iron fist and instilled order where so many others failed. Also Head of Harmony and a diligent Marshal responsible for bringing many a trouble-maker to an abrupt stop, his impressive athletic physique and no-nonsense attitude were unmistakable.

However our sources say that there was much more to the Crusher than violence. Previously unreleased Computer security footage shows a tender man who enjoyed a quiet cup of tea and reading classic poetry to his beloved lizard, as well as basket-weaving and fluffy slippers. His academic knowledge of NGF strategy and history was well known. Behind-the-scenes at SV21, we see him carefully teaching small children how to play-fight, stamping his foot to provide an impact noise and reeling from tiny fists barely impacting, then carefully bodily flinging the giggling youngsters onto prepared mattresses in rehearsal for a fight scene.

Wheatley Red was a man known across the ship, not least as Head of Harmony, but perhaps not as well as we thought. Is it possible that the Crusher may have been a bit of a Nerd himself, after all?

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