Varian White (Ellie W.)


Varian White is a navigator by trade in charge of creating star charts for the department. Her knack for cartography however also applies to mapping the ship and she is known to draw accurate and reliable schematics of various sectors for people. Given that the information provided by computer isn't always up-to-date with all the latest ship internal modifications, she uses first hand experience of travelling round the ship to inform her own maps and is often willing to guide people around if asked and for the right price.

Varian White - Eternity

Varian’s hand tightened around Ellis’s, the necessary bulk of the pressure suits making the contact awkward. After years of labour, the planet was finally ready to be populated and the habitation ‘bubbles’ had been built on the surface. There had been times when it was distinctly uncertain whether the couple would last long enough to see it, terraforming being a lengthy process and both much older than 65, but at last the day had come.

The decreased mobility of a bent spine and painful arthritis meant exploration was never as easy as it had been, but the curious spark had never left those bright eyes. Slowly, painfully, Varian made her way down and stood, for the very first time in her life, on the solid earth of a planet’s surface. Their planet. Their home. Children and grandchildren managed the important work back on the Asimov, preparing those chosen to be the first colonists, the first to leave the battered ship humanity had so long depended on, but this moment belonged to the two of them, alone together.

A handy boulder on the edge of the clear dome provided a seat big enough for two as the flaming sun sank behind the horizon and wrapped blankets of pink and peach clouds around itself. Slowly the sky darkened as they sat quietly together, words unneeded as the first stars began to appear in the night sky.

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