Veta Stapel (Ellie H.) [DECEASED]



“Veta Stapel was another tragic but pivotal figure in the history of the Inversion. A member of the Children of Earth, she worked heavily with Anarr White Sector Overflow, and official records suggest that she was responsible for a significant amount of subversion, including but almost certainly not limited to the first major investigations into Computer's programming and the initial discovery of the Mission Oversight Program.”

“This of course is all glossed over in the history books, where they primarily talk about her crucial role in the Inversion, where along with Varian and Francis was responsible for piloting the Asimov during the actual Inversion process, and her subsequent discovery of the star that we now call home.”

“What is normally not reported in the history books is that like many hackers of the time, her story ends with a flight to Blackout, and from there we can only assume that she perished along with Anarr. It is a shame that we know so little about someone so (quite literally) pivotal in the ship's history.”

-Excerpted from Risk and Reward: Famous Computer Scientists and Hackers of the Asimov

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