The Viteri Dynasty

The following page is a secret brief that is only available to those who are part of the family (or who have gained the information through other channels). It represents a significant investment of IC time and effort. Please do not copy and paste the contents to other players.

With that proviso you may feel free to communicate the information IC using your own words. Of course, your family may not like you spreading their secrets, and if you are caught doing so you may face serious IC consequences.

Important Dynasty members

This information is extremely confidential. Any family found to be repeating this information to non-members should expect to die a very painful death.

  • Andreas Viteri is the head of the family. Through a continued exceptional usefulness to Computer, and various deals that have been made he continues to live at the grand age of 74. He expects a grand party for his 75th birthday in November (Turn 6).
  • Nicola Viteri essentially runs the Cosa Nostra (or as near as), representing the family stake in the business.
  • Jan (Red Team) and Wes (Green Team) are both top footballers. For the right price we can tip the balance of power one way or another.
  • Albert Viteri is a Cosa Nostra boss whose main area of operation is on Toroid 2, and is being trained up to take over from Nicola in a couple of years.

Thicker Than Water [Updated turn 1]

The Salamaris and the Viteris rarely get on at the best of times, but lately tensions have grown. Slights imagined and real have led to confrontations here and there, and it is not necessarily safe to walk into the wrong bar or down the wrong corridors at night if you are a member of either family.

The high-ups of both families are reportedly looking for a way to defuse the tensions, but hot-headed youngsters from both sides are very willing to provoke and be provoked. The situation could boil over at any moment if it is not brought under control.

This situation seems to be resulting to brawls now. Our contacts in Harmony seem to be indicating they're looking into the matter. Someone fix this.

Blood calls for blood

As many of you are aware, the recent death of Alfredo as he was working his way to a commanding position within the Friends of Computer has come as a severe blow to us all, to say nothing of its impact on our standing. We have received evidence that his death was no accident, and anybody who can arrange for his killer to meet a messy and public end that can in no way be linked back to us will rise far in the family's estimation.

The most obvious clue that his death was no accident was the impressively well-disguised sabotage to the pumping machine that killed him. A good place to start might be to look for a Friend of Computer who is also a talented engineer.

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