Law Enforcement Briefing

The following page is a brief that is only available to enforcement officers and marshals. Please do not copy and paste the contents to other players.

With that proviso you may feel free to communicate the information IC using your own words, however deliberate breach of Harmony secrecy regulations is a crime.



Enforcement Officers are equipped with non-lethal weaponry only. This typically comprises a tranquilliser gun and a truncheon. To combat targets wearing body armour, PEDRs (Plasma-channel Electrical Discharge Rifles), which shock a target into unconsciousness, are issued under Computer authorisation.

Marshals are equipped with the same weaponry as Enforcement officers, however they are also issued with DNA authorised lethal weapons that will only fire for the issuee. If another attempts to fire them, or any attempt to interfere with their internal workings is detected, the device will self-destruct, turning almost instantly into a small pile of metallic dust. These weapons are essentially upgraded versions of the PEDRs that fire a much larger charge, and are capable of penetrating many doors and walls (but not bulkheads).

If substantial forces are encountered, Marshals may call upon Computer for special ordinance, however such a request has only been necessary once in the past 50 years.

What To Do With Blackout [Updated Turn 6]

Following the assault on Duke Victoria, matters are somewhat disrupted. Bloodhound has issued an express order that no one will go into Blackout without his express permission and as much armament as they can effectively carry. He is said to be spitting mad at those responsible for this mess. Several marshals and enforcement officers thought to have been in Blackout at the time have been reported missing.


All marshals are instructed that following a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis, Computer does not consider an all-out assault on Blackout to be in the best interests of the mission. A working relationship has been established with those who live there. As long as they don't get in the way of a marshal's mission to extract a resident, they get to continue living and the cost/benefit analysis stays on the side of no invasion. As long as the marshal is there for a specific person, no organised resistance is put forth.

Senior marshals would be very upset if you disrupted this relationship.

Procedures reminder [New turn 1]

I've been asked to remind marshals of the correct procedures for dealing with suspects. Again. Bloody bureaucracy.
— Bloodhound

  • If Computer can be contacted for judgement and sentencing, Marshals will defer judgements to Computer. (You shuold be able to recommend a punishment though, Computer normally accepts your judgement — Bloodhound)
  • If contact is not possible with Computer (e.g. in Blackout), Marshals should ensure they have sufficient recorded evidence to demonstrate guilt on the balance of probabilities. Action depends on the crime:
    • Minor crimes: should be left unpunished with evidence forwarded to Computer who will issue an arrest warrant for later execution. (Feel free to give them a good kicking; if they come to complain we get a free shot at arresting them —B.)
    • Major crimes: If possible subject should be neutralized and hauled back for Computer judgement. If this is not possible, tag with radioisotope for later tracking and retrieval. (Retrieval is easier if they have no functioning limbs —B.)
    • For Crimes punishable by premature recycling: If possible subject should be neutralised and hauled back to Computer for judgement. If this is not possible target should be terminated on the spot. (And nobody really cares how you do it. Making an examples makes our lives easier in the future. —B.)

For those of you who haven't seen a trial recently, Computer will quickly examine the evidence and officer's reports, give the guilty part a chance to lie through their teeth, assess mitigating factors (try not to bring any up) and issue a punishment for you to carry out.
We've recently seen the following sorts of punishments:
For minor crimes, demotion, withdrawal of privileges and/or fines of rations.
For major crimes, psychological reprogramming, reassignment to hazardous area work crews and/or premature recycling.
Obviously for crimes punishable by premature recycling we just shoot them.

Oh, and remember, while Computer doesn't consider any factual evidence inadmissible, it may bring you up on charges, insist on a psychological evaluation or imprison you behind a desk if you use unreasonable methods to obtain evidence. If it thinks a victim was entrapment they often get off far too leniently.

Crime precedence [New turn 1]

The following lists are in priority order, highest priority first. Please try and tackle the more important crimes first.

Crimes punishable by premature recycling

  1. Permanent removal of resources from the ship (i.e. by somehow expelling them out of the ship) without explicit Computer authorisation.
  2. Actual or attempted subversion or sabotage of critical ship systems (i.e. sector level or above life support, fusion reactors, Computer itself, engines or thrusters)
  3. Widescale subversion of the population to support political aims contrary to Asimov mission profile.
  4. Circumvention of population controls.
  5. Disruption of societal order (e.g. by inspiring fear among the populace by being a serial killer)
  6. Disobeying an Emergency Order from Computer (these are rare and it will be explicitly clear to those involved if they have been issued one; the average citizen is probably unaware of their existence)

Major crimes

  1. Actual or attempted subversion or sabotage of important ship systems likely to require substantial resource expenditure to rectify, or likely to significantly imperil other citizens.
  2. Aiding or abetting circumvention of population controls.
  3. Large scale hoarding
  4. Murder

Minor crimes

Minor hoarding, hacking, theft, GBH, violations of Computer edicts etc.

Time-sensitive information

Theft of Data from Aiden White's office [New turn 13]

Aiden White (before his death) reported a theft of sensitive data from his office. He claims that there was some mission critical data stolen (which he can't tell you the details), and also some people's personal medical files. He says that only he, his secretary (Michelle White [NPC]) and his therapist (Posi Rainbow) had access to his office.

Attack on Water Supply [New Turn 12]

Some engineers in Blue Sector report they were assault by an unknown assailant while performing repairs on a water supply conduit. It is not clear exactly what happened, and everything looked OK when they finally came to again. Please investigate.

A team of enforcement officers was ambushed in the vicinity at the same time, but they are unable to give any details on their assailant beyond it being a single man dressed in black with unusually well developed combat skills.

Sorting out Blackout [New turn 12]

Chief Marshal Samuel has established a new outpost at what used to be Acheron in Blackout. He is running patrols through the area to try and reclaim that part of the ship for its intended use.

Attacks on Aiden and Posi [New turn 9]

Five men are currently in custody following attacks on Aiden White (fractured tibia and patella, multiple contusions, required surgery, now recovering) and Posi Rainbow (fractured both tibias, now recovering). Evidence submitted: video from Computer of attack on Aiden, witness statements from Aiden and Posi.

Trial requires a prosecuting officer to review evidence.

Attack on Harmony, Theft of Weapons [New turn 9]

Harmony central security station was attacked one evening during the graveyard shift, when staffing is at it lightest.

Apparently the assailant managed to sneak up on and surprise the guards, and they failed to get a good look at him. One guard managed to dodge the first blow, and managed to land some in return on the attacker who had him pinned from behind. His estimation is that the attacker only had minimal combat training, and wouldn't have presented any trouble “in a fair fight”. The three guards who were on duty are currently recovering from a number of broken bones and one severe concussion.

Reviewing the footage, the attackers appear to be Hades Black and Piers Red, a fact confirmed by DNA evidence on a glass placing Piers at the crime scene. DNA evidence on the other glass has been analyzed and found to be that of Hades Black, apparently a wanted age criminal.

An anonymous source has indicated that while monitoring routes in and out of blackout, he noted Hades returning with a large number of weapons, and believe that he has delivered them to Acheron, Hades' casino base of operations.

Apparently the attackers triggered automated alarms and defence system while attempting to break into the heavy ordinance locker, but did manage to flee with a number of enforcement grade stun guns.

Subversive Leaflets [New turn 8]

Find out who is distributing the subversive “Age Concerns” leaflets. They're clearly guilty of attempting widescale subversion!

Investigation into alleged hoarding [turn 7]

A stash of an illicit flavour enhancer was found in Markus Red's apartment, thanks to a tip-off from Recycler Simeon White. Markus Red denies knowledge of the stash.


Aiden White's workshop and surgical theatre and two compartments in Rainbow are quarantined. No matter is to pass in or out of these areas UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES until degree and manner of contagion are ascertained and dealt with.

—Computer bulletin


Veta Stapel to be investigated for subversion. In addition needs a psych profile second opinion (Jacob Green and Aiden White are current Harmony approved Health officials for this).

Wanted List [Updated turn 10]

The following individuals are on the list of felons at large:

  • Anarr Violet (previously known as Anarr White-Sector Overflow) for numerous hacking and subversion related offences. This individual is believed to be using a false identity. Suspect deceased.
  • Veta Stapel for numerous hacking and subversion related offenses. This individual is believed to be using a false identity. Suspect deceased
  • Jon Blackout wanted for destruction of ship systems and attempting to breach quarantine.
  • Harold Marmaduke, for attempted hacking of Computer. Assumed to be hiding somewhere in Blackout, last sighted 16 years ago.
  • Whoever bombed Antipodes Green's apartment, which was a sophisticated attack that demanded some skill with explosives not to trip automated sensors. Suspected NGF link.
  • The individual responsible for the recent “Art Exhibit” murder in the Oxygen Forest.
  • Callie Blue, for questioning pertaining to crimes of Perjury, Perverting the course of justice, BOB tampering, Willful endangerment of the public. Charged and sentenced.
  • Carl Grey-wrench, for questioning pertaining to crimes of Perjury and aiding and abetting Callie Blue. Suspect deceased.
  • The individual responsible for sabotaging the White sector life support.
  • Roger Billington for sabotaging inter-toroidal travel. Computer has vid footage of him removing a cable from the core. Charged and sentenced.
  • Ragnhild Black (suspected) for thievery from the Whitesiders set.
  • James Green for unauthorised and unnecessary Core travel
  • Ellis de Bouillon, Pit Blue, Roger Billington, John White for unauthorised core travel a month ago. Case closed.

Assaults in Blackout [New Turn 4]

Marshal Thursday and Enforcement Officer Holmes have both been assaulted in the course of duty in Blackout in September. All marshals are advised to travel with a partner and keep their wits about them if entering Blackout in the near future, until the perpetrator(s) are caught.

Public Enemy #1 [New Turn 4]

Computer has put out an all point bulletin for information leading to the capture of those responsible for the attack on the ITTS repair party.
Computer has taken the rare step of publishing its camera footage and logs of the incident to the law enforcers.

ID records show the perpetrator as one Gunther Green, though it is a good bet that whoever staged the attack used a fake ID.

The camera footage shows a masked and cloaked individual. Tracking through recording systems is sadly not possible as the individual in question ducks into an engineering area with no Computer reception and disappears.

The Engineering department have asked for Harmony protection in order to carry out the repairs.

Parolers under supervision [Added turn 3]

Clarence 'Pit' Blue, Ragnhild Black and John White are all to report to the ACTP Marshals following their parole after being arrested for unauthorised Core access and endangerment of resources. They entered the core from toroid 2, and travelled to the core adjacent to toroid 5. Pit Blue entered off-limits areas of toroid 5. Evidence direct from Computer logs.

Dr de Aglaia [New Turn 3]

Piers Red has delivered the “good” doctor to you on suspicion of hoarding. He is currently in a holding cell until the end of the ACTP meeting, when Computer has decreed he will be released if no charges are brought against him. There also seems to have been an explosion involved that redecorated the crime scene with blood. Find out what happened and take proceedings against the relevant parties. Note however that as the crime scene is in Blackout we were unable to keep it cordoned off for long, and video evidence is going to be non existent.

Informants [Updated turn 1]

Harmony maintains a number of confidential informants. Their information isn't the most reliable, but they have recently passed on the following information:

  • A large number of bodies have been appearing in Blackout, all garrotted. Marshals are requested to investigate further as a priority.
  • A new gang, the “Skulls” seem to be making a power play against one of the established forces in Blackout.
  • Continued thefts in Green sector of food may be due to some sort of food shortage.

Potential new source of information [New turn 2]

Mary has been working informally for the Marshals for some time, especially in cases against hackers. I encourage all other Marshals to take her into their confidence so she can maximise the assistance of her followers in stopping the hacker menace.

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