Department of Engineering

The following page is a secret brief that is only available to those affiliated to your faction (or who have gained the information through other channels). It represents a significant investment of IC time and effort. Please do not copy and paste the contents to other players.

With that proviso you may feel free to communicate the information IC using your own words. Of course, your faction may not like you spreading their secrets, and if you are caught doing so you may face IC consequences.

Recycling Stock Take [New Turn 9]

The Department of Recycling has started really cracking down on resources. Make sure all of your equipment is properly registered or submit it to Recycling before they bring you up on it.

Carriage failure [New Turn 5]

A carriage stored at the end of the ITTS tracks beyond Toroid 5 seems to have suffered a system failure and moved from its safe storage location. For the moment it seems to have lodged further down the track, but it needs fixing and moving back to its intended location to prevent any potential accidents in the future.

Engineering Whiteboard [Turn 4]

Following requests, Kalys has set up an electronic whiteboard which can be found at the following infolink.

OOC: This is a user editable page you can all use to track progress. Let the GMs know if you have difficulty accessing it.

The Inversion Point [Updated Turn 4]

You all know I'm not one for big speeches, but the Computer asked me to brief you all. We're all going to be busy as all fabbers these coming months, and people are going to still expect A* service when it comes to fixing their heating units. Well, complain when they don't get A* service. But I tell you now, our first priority is getting this ship turned around. And keep everyone fed. And keep things working. And… you get the picture. Yep, we got priorities, but life don't stop. Lean on Rec for supplies, they're supposed to be helping us with this one - we're gonna need new tools, mechanisms and hull knows what else.

First things first, I'm ordering a complete systems check for the thrusters and systems for the flip. We need to know what we're gonna need from Rec, and what the little bastards have already nicked from there. I've done enough yapping - get to!

-Vid-recording from Kalys Rainbow

The Computer has charged the Department of Engineering with the meat of the work for the coming Inversion point. Engineering is expected to test systems, and ensure that everything is working so that the ship is ready by the Inversion Window. There is a lot to test and probably a lot to repair, but members of the department are authorised to requisition ship resources to complete this task, and are encouraged to request the aid of ACTP members where possible.

A list of primary systems that Kalys Rainbow has ordered testing includes:

  • External thrusters - this one may be tricky since the shieldwards thrusters haven't been tested… well, ever, as far as anyone can tell. In fact the control room for them has been long ignored, and no-one's really sure what the indicator lights mean - they should probably be investigated. In addition, the location of the drivewards thrusters and their control room is completely unknown, which causes problems of its own.
  • Update turn 4: Driveward thrusters sighted on rear of ship. Control room not located. Shieldward thrusters control room repaired; fuel supply successfully tested.
  • Ion drive overrides - the ion drives that power the ship, one attached to each toroid and all pointing out the back of the ship through the central core, may need to be briefly disabled during the flip. However the overrides for them are apparently manually controlled, and the engine partition of the core is highly dangerous and probably extremely radioactive.
  • Update turn 4: Toroid 1 and 4 over-rides successfully tested, and engine power subsequently restored. Need to ensure access to other toroids for flip.
  • Emergency stabilisers - this was a subsystem found on a checklist somewhere. It's not certain what they are or how they're controlled. Kalys is pragmatic about these, but has asked if someone can try to find them anyway.
  • Update turn 4: Still no progress on locating these or their controls.

Some or all of these core systems may be damaged or otherwise need repairing, so a thorough examination is necessary well before the Inversion point, in case repairs take longer than expected.


Computer has just informed me we're carrying out a test of as many of these systems as we can. This month. We're not going to fire the external thrusters, but we are going to run fuel to them. Someone did find the drivewards controls, right? And someone is on top of the emergency stabiliser situation, right? Right? — Kalys

Creative Engineering Competition [New turn 4]

The next month sees the judging of this year's Engineering design competition, delayed due to the massive workload of the engineering department. Hang on in there, guys — after the flip we'll have a 500 year holiday (I wish)!

OOC: Please submit actions this coming turnsheet to be included in the competition. You can use a major action to create something new, or a minor action to highlight something you've already achieved.

Airlock destroyed [New turn 2]

A recent emergency call-out: The door to the 2C core-access airlock has suffered an integrity malfunction. Fix it.

While this task has been taken care of by the duty team, they had to replace the entire door and associated circuitry that seems to have suffered repeated hacking. The door itself has been cut open using some form of cutting torch. Please reach out to your contacts to try and determine what caused this.

Solution sought

A request from Dread Rainbow, solutions manager:

Can anyone get that dreadful Adagio Salamaris' secretary off my back? He keeps coming up here and threatening (indirectly, of course) to use all of his not inconsiderable power against me should we not install a level 3 fabber for his master's personal use immediately. Not only is that a massive waste of resources, we just don't have enough iridium to manufacture the magnets for one that big. Anybody able to put him off more permanently would certainly be put forward to the next promotion round.

Annual Department Party [Updated Turn 3]

Following Amandine’s documentary, it is decided that the Engineering Party will be held in the Oxygen Forest, as it’s a better place for a picnic than anywhere in null-gee.

You have two sectors’ worth of room to spread out and party—so of course, being engineers, you clump together in awkward social circles, with the exception of Mei Mei White, who doesn’t seem to suffer from any shyness. You are all wearing the tall orange party hats found on Toroid 4 and brought by Ellis. They’re quite heavy. [ooc: think traffic cones].

There are many different sorts of algae on offer—Kalys has made an effort. There is even a small amount if recreational beverage on offer. (Maybe Kalys has pulled in some Rainbow favours?) Eventually folk relax, in the main, and begin to drift around the beautiful trees—even if it is unnatural that you can’t take a spanner to them, or an allen key, or anything real life is made of.

Then the projector is brought out and snippets of film are shown. One of the highlights is Carl’s film of Craig Rainbow going BOB-hunting in the ducts, and reacting in hilariously camp and flamboyant ways to the dirt, etc. There’s a bit of a shock ending, though: there’s some sort of explosion and Carl and Craig’s lackey are wounded, which explains Carl’s injured state. Craig Rainbow actually pulls them out of danger. That confounds the assembled multitude.

Being engineers, you immediately band together and analyse the footage of the explosion. What you notice most is that it seems to be a deliberate trap, triggered by having something bigger than a BOB go through the area. Certainly the die-off of the hot liquid implies that it wasn’t a continuous (or accidental) leak.

You also all agree that the voice calling out “No, not that way!!” before the accident was Mitty Red’s. She doesn’t seem to be at the party.

Kalys then brings out extra recreational beverage to cover the serious mood, and you all get down to the serious business of being drunk under trees. You wake up the next morning covered in insect bites.

The Creative Engineering Competition has been postponed for two months due to the current load on the department.


Annual Department Party [Updated Turn 2]

Following last year's debacle with the zero-g picnic, we will not be voting on the location or nature of our annual department party this year. Members of the department are requested to forward all sensible suggestions to their line managers for consideration. You are all reminded to ensure that you have not booked the relevant date in August (Turn 3) as holiday, as attendance is, as ever, compulsory.

On a brighter note, the Creative Engineering Competition will be judged at the party as it was last year (many congratulations to Hurley Red for his winning BOB Speed Modifications). Entries will be judged on usefulness, aesthetics, and creativity, and the winner will receive personal credit for use at the Toroid 2 construction fabber.

That's this month people!

Emergency Alert [Updated turn 3]

Potential threat to Green Sector Life support

An emergency light has come on indicating a potential threat to Green Sector life support. None of the mechanical warnings are showing, so its probably a biological problem, consult with Recycling to resolve the issue quickly!

This situation has now been resolved, and the emergency light has gone off again.

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