Department of Harmony

The following page is a secret brief that is only available to those affiliated to your faction (or who have gained the information through other channels). It represents a significant investment of IC time and effort. Please do not copy and paste the contents to other players.

With that proviso you may feel free to communicate the information IC using your own words. Of course, your faction may not like you spreading their secrets, and if you are caught doing so you may face IC consequences.

New Head of Harmony [New Turn 9]

Following the death of “Bloodhound” Salamaris, a new Head of Department has been chosen by Computer - Amandine de Boullion. Due to the efforts of opposition Morning Rainbow in the race for the post, however, Morning has been given the role of controlling the Entertainment budget in Harmony.

Commiserations to those who applied to the post but were unsuccessful.

Whitesiders up for renewal [New Turn 5]

Normally a renewal for a new series of Whitesiders is a forgone conclusion. However, recent concentration on SV21 and other new properties has led to an internal discussion as to the future of the show. Everything is still up in the air, but the decision could easily be influenced in either direction.

Cancellation is sure to lead to a big fan rebellion, though viewing figures have been declining for several years. Could the resources be better deployed elsewhere?

Explosion in Blackout [New turn 3]

Harmony Officers were sent by Computer to investigate an explosion in Blackout this month. It seems the clinic of one Dr de Aglaia was the scene of the incident. Apparently the good doctor has been remanded into custody for questioning by a helpful member of Recycling, accused of hoarding and other acts contrary to the good of the ship. Please see that Justice is done.

Mysterious Notes [New turn 3]

Several Harmony crewmembers have reported receiving mysterious and upsetting notes, including insulting ones from friends who claim no knowledge of sending them, threats, and descriptions of what recipients have been doing recently. There is almost certainly something going on here, but what?

Rise in Salamaris vs Viteri Tension [Updated turn 2]

Recently we have observed a rising number of brawls between young members of the Salamaris and Viteri clans.

Congratulations to Lyla Red, who oversaw an operation to nab the main troublemakers.

The Inversion Point

The inversion point will be a time of change and potential confusion for the population of Asimov. It's important for both sides of the department to work together for the good of morale. Recycling have highlighted the need for more resources being made available for Engineering and the ACTP; we'll have to be on the look-out for hoarders and thieves. People aren't going to like this time of austerity, so Harmony Managers have a job on their hands to create enough distractions that are good value for resource. We don't want to rock the ship too much, so existing projects like Whitesiders and NGF should continue.

— Manager Amalia White

Computer has tasked the Department of Harmony to maintain order onboard the ship during the Inversion. This includes working to entertain and distract the crew from the events, and also requires the suppression of those destabilising elements aboard the ship that could cause delays or other problems with the vital work. While this is likely to prove a challenge, members of the department are authorised to requisition ship resources to complete this task, and are encouraged to request the aid of ACTP members where possible.

NGF Referee Required

A new NGF referee is being recruited following the post-season retirement of Polly Blue. Apparently the post-game celebrations were a bit much for her and she was taken to Health suffering from a massive drug overdose (which is odd, given that Polly was not known to be much for narcotics). In a statement issued from the med-bay she stated that she was retiring immediately from the game.

Prospective referees should submit their candidacies to Marshal Alyssa Red in Internal Affairs, so that they can be thoroughly background checked before the process is taken further.

Blackout Murders Increasing

While Harmony tend not to get overly concerned by the odd dead person turning up in Blackout, a spate of murders has proved somewhat alarming, especially considering they are all marked by the same particularly unpleasant method of death - garrotting. It seems there is a serial killer at loose and their influence can't be allowed to spread into the other sectors, while the rumour mill has it that a couple of high-ups in Blackout are asking for help from Harmony - if that's true, the problem must be serious. Tracking down the killer and putting an end to the deaths is the current top priority for Marshals.

Whitesiders Cast Difficulties

Chad and Coleen are at it again… but this time it's real life. Pietro Rainbow and Logan Rainbow have had a bit of a tiff, and are currently refusing to speak to each other outside of their professional obligations. This is making life on set a bit frosty and is hampering filming.

The rumours (and oh, are there many, many rumours) have hinted that one or both are considering quitting as a result - this would be an absolute disaster for the hit show, and has left the producers scratching their heads. Can the soap survive without its stars? Will Pietro and Logan make up, or will their relationship go south along with Whitesiders' ratings?

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