Department of Health

The following page is a secret brief that is only available to those affiliated to your faction (or who have gained the information through other channels). It represents a significant investment of IC time and effort. Please do not copy and paste the contents to other players.

With that proviso you may feel free to communicate the information IC using your own words. Of course, your faction may not like you spreading their secrets, and if you are caught doing so you may face IC consequences.

Andreas Viteri's Retirement [New turn 9]

In the light of the discovery of a vast number of children that have failed to be correctly ID-tagged, Andreas Viteri has resigned from the department and graciously headed for his Recycling Appointment. The Department thanks him for the years of dedication and faithful service.


Aiden White's workshop and surgical theatre and two compartments in Rainbow are quarantined. No matter is to pass in or out of these areas UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES until degree and manner of contagion are ascertained and dealt with.

—Computer bulletin

Urgent request for psych evaluations [New turn 1]

Computer urgently requests a psychological evaluation of the following ACTP personnel:

  • Veta Stapel, specifically to assess her sanity and determine the extent and source of her questionable views on Computer. Use of force to ensure compliance is authorised for this subject.
  • Lyla Red, to discuss her obsession with an imaginary friend. Lyla has the right to refuse treatment at this stage.

The Inversion Point

The Inversion Point is coming, a momentous change in our existence. This may affect some people differently; we have no way of judging this. The Computer has placed our lives - and the very future of the race - in the hands of those selected for the ACTP. However Computer is keen to ensure that human foibles do not compromise this important event, and has therefore tasked the Department of Health with the important duty of psychologically evaluating the ACTP members and monitoring them for any unusual behaviour.

Department members who have been selected for the ACTP must get to know your fellow members, and devise ways to evaluate their psychological well-being. Know their weaknesses, know which we can rely on, and flag up any who may prove detrimental to the project. Though some are unlikely to appreciate the unexpected attention, members of the department are authorised to requisition ship resources to complete this task, and are encouraged to request the aid of ACTP members where possible.

Blue sector illness notice withdrawn following cure [Updated Turn 1]

The below notice has been withdrawn as the infection has been cured.

  • Monitoring algorithms detect a significant increase in respiratory infections among the Blue sector population.
  • Diagnose the illness and treat appropriately.
  • Discover and eradicate the source of infection, likely related to the ventilation system.

Demographic Woes

Our population models project a demographic crisis in about 12 years time as a large population cohort is approaching the stage where they will be reprocessed. As a result new workers will soon be needed to replace them. Please work with Harmony to encourage an immediate uptick in birth rates, or alternatively encourage older citizens to make themselves more useful.

Due to these concerns we will also begin a new program of accelerated development. Health workers are encouraged to find apprenticeship places for our older children, with a substantial personal reward for each child who is taken on by a worker in another department.

Cybernetic Rationing Worsens [Updated turn 3]

Due to the advent of the Inversion and the dire need to acquire more rare materials for Engineering projects, the availability of new and replacement parts for cybernetics has plummeted. This means that until further notice, Health surgeons are asked to refuse any requests for cybernetic augmentation and only consider replacement of lost bodily functions in life-threatening circumstances.

Health professionals are requested to make do with what they have for the time being; however, Andreas Viteri has suggested that members of the department explore other ways of acquiring the necessary parts to alleviate the shortage.

As of the end of June the situation has in fact gotten worse. Who is using all these parts? I want names and explanations.
— Andreas Viteri.

Just where did the parts come from to make that thing on Samurai Vikings. Is that where all the parts are going. Get them back now!
— Andreas Viteri.

Was blowing up the offender's clinic really necessary? Did you recover anything, or just damage it beyond all repair?
— Andreas Viteri.

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