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The following page is a secret brief that is only available to those affiliated to your faction (or who have gained the information through other channels). It represents a significant investment of IC time and effort. Please do not copy and paste the contents to other players.

With that proviso you may feel free to communicate the information IC using your own words. Of course, your faction may not like you spreading their secrets, and if you are caught doing so you may face IC consequences.

The Inversion Point [Updated turn 3]

Despite the apparent meaninglessness of the exercise, Computer has tasked the Navigation department with the calculations for the Inversion point. This will require measuring the current mass of the Asimov, determining the best method for the inversion itself, and calculating the forces, vectors, and timings necessary to successfully complete the process.

With so many variables unknown and difficult to measure, the task seems an odd one to give to the department. Nevertheless Computer insists that the calculations must be performed. Members of the department are authorised to requisition ship resources to complete this task, and are encouraged to request the aid of ACTP members where possible.

Update: The Inversion point is approaching and these calculations still need to be performed.

Tensions Growing

That group of cliquish, private, strange people with odd traditions and incomprehensible jargon are at it again.

While Hawk's leadership has kept relations between the Navigators and the Astrologers cordial for years, the atmosphere has begun to chill between them. A radical polemic was published by anthropology expert Asmodeus Marville Rainbow decrying the predictions of the Astrologers as being nothing more than a sham designed to exploit the gullible masses - making easy predictions and hinting at some deeper conspiracy at work.

Asmodeus went into hiding shortly afterwards, leaving a note claiming that he'd barely escaped an assassination attempt and was going into hiding. He has not been heard from since, but Computer records show that he was recently sent to the Recycling department having hit the age of retirement.

Of course the Astrologers have flatly denied Asmodeus's claims. Some in the Navigators who believed his words hold the Astrologers responsible for his death; others want to retreat from the situation altogether. Hawk Blue has been strangely silent during this time, and the department has settled into an uneasy and potentially unstable silence, each side keeping a wary eye on the other.

Records... Stolen? [Updated 4]

Update Hawk has been asking around the department as to whether any progress has been made regarding the missing files. He also seems quite concerned at the number of staff who haven't been turning up for work recently.

As if the frosty atmosphere in the department wasn't enough to worry people, one of the department's archivists - an Inimita Green - has reported the theft of a significant portion of written records and calculations from the last fifty years. The records were kept as part of a long tradition of “backups” in the case of data corruption, and contained estimates of the ship's location based on data from the few working sensors and extrapolation from known points of data.

Initial investigation suggests that the theft was performed by someone who knew exactly what they were looking for, though their identity remains completely unknown. Computer's copies of the data in question appear to be intact, so the motives are also unclear.

In one of his rare moments of direct leadership, Hawk Blue has asked that the theft not be publicised so as not to interfere with ongoing investigation. It has been privately whispered around the department that powerful figures have an interest in the situation, and that anyone who could track down these records would be rewarded appropriately.

Forward-Facing Sensors [New Turn 9]

Now that the Inversion has been completed, the drivewards sensors are now forward-facing, online, working and active. With Inversion Operations finished, now would be an opportune time to give these more study.

Initial reports note a nearby star that is not on the Computer's star-charts.

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