Department of Recycling

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End of Inversion Operations [New Turn 9]

In the light of the ending of the ACTP and the success of the Inversion, it is now time to reclaim all resources and equipment signed out on ACTP authority that are no longer required and commit them to Recycling. Audits of Engineering and Harmony have started, and resources are trickling in, but if we want to get people's luxury rations back to pre-flip standards, there has to be more reclamation.

Vacancy for Department Head [Updated Turn 5]

In a close-run competition between Mordecai White and James Green, Mordecai has emerged the victor. The department congratulates him on his new role!

Jenny Green has announced that she is stepping down from her position as Head of Recycling, wishing to focus more on the wellbeing of Green Sector. This has come as a surprise to many, though some believe it is likely in connection with the fact that a member of Recycling was responsible for the ongoing Inter-Toroidal Transport System failure, and others point toward the recent near-failure of Green Sector's algae crop. Jenny has refused to comment on any of the speculation, merely stating that she felt it was time and is happy with her decision. She looks tired and shaking in the public appearance, perhaps as though she had been recently crying.

In light of this news, the position of Head of Recycling is now available. Computer welcomes applicants from the department to submit a summary of why they feel they might be suitable for the role. Computer will make a decision at the end of next month.

Unstable material detected in Core [Updated Turn 5]

Computer has marked this as completed.

Computer has flagged up the existence of unstable material near the airlock to toroid 2. Recycling needs to remove this as soon as possible.

Hoarding detected in Green Sector - situation resolved [Updated turn 3]

Situation resolved - Well done you guys! Oh, and Piers, I hear that you shouldn't go walking about alone in Green for a while.

  • Statistical algorithms detect increased imbalance in critical nutrients entering Green sector and returned via waste systems, possibly due to hoarding of nutrients.
  • Demand for algae food products exceeds supply. FOOD SHORTAGE.
  • Estimated time until critical algae die-off and complete cessation of nutrient production is 30 days. Life support collapse imminent.
  • Recycling personnel to urgently remedy the problem.
    Instructions from Computer

Cybernetics hoarding [New turn 2]

The department seeks dynamic individuals to investigate allegations that Dr de Aglaia is responsible for the hoarding and waste of cybernetics at a time of critical shortage within the Department of Health. Sources in the Department of Harmony suggest that he was responsible for the artifact used in the latest episode of Samurai Vikings, and that the artifact was not created using special effects.

Such individuals should coordinate with the Department of Harmony to ensure prosecutions proceed in an appropriate fashion.

The Inversion Point

“Good afternoon, Recyclers! As you all know, the Inversion Point, or the Flip as I like to call it, is due to happen quite soon. Basically what is happening, for those of you who aren't sure, is that the ship has been whizzing through space for hundreds of years, and we've built up a fair bit of forward momentum with our ion drive. So we need to slow down so that when we reach our target planet, which won't be for generations and generations, we don't slam into it. So we need to turn the engines around, which means turning the ship around - though we aren't changing direction.

“Anyway, I have no doubt that Engineering are going to need all sorts of gadgets to do this with, and supplying those is our job, so get on out there and start gathering raw materials! No time like the present! And keep an eye out for hoarders - this is a momentous occasion and we're going to need every little bit, because if not for us, well, those future generations of our kiddies are never going to reach that planet! Come on! Hop to it! We can do it!”

-Jenny Green, Recycling Head

Computer has charged the Department of Recycling with the acquisition of large amounts of redundant, unused, or otherwise unimportant resources, freeing them for use in the Inversion efforts. The expectation is that the department will prioritise the acquisition of obsolete, luxury, and other non-essential goods as Engineering requires. Members of the department are authorised to requisition ship resources to complete this task, and are encouraged to request the aid of ACTP members where possible.

Particularly large amounts of the following substances have been requested:

  • Silicon
  • Iron
  • Solvents

Unfortunate News

“It has been discovered that Sammy White, who we all thought was a loyal Recycler, was actually a Hoarder. Gecko found a large stash of rare materials hidden in a duct near his quarters, which we think he was selling in Blackout. Of course, we've reclaimed the goods, and Sammy has been recycled as he was on his second warning after being caught taking bribes last year. I'm very disappointed, as I thought he was doing so much better, but it seems rotten apples always float. So well done Gecko, extra luxury ration for that man!”

-Jenny Green, Recycling Head

A bounty is being placed on all instances of hoarding. Those whose secret caches and private stores can be uncovered are to be immediately reported to Harmony; meanwhile, the Department will pay a proportion of the hoarded materials to the one who discovers them.

Sector 2C Reclamation

The upper low-grav areas of grey sector 2C had until recently been under restricted access due to a noxious coolant leak, and human personnel were unable to enter for a good three months while it was haphazardly meticulously cleaned by specially modified BOB units.

Of course what this means is that a fair amount of unreclaimed materials have built up in the meantime - broken machinery, algae overflow, and presumably the remains of the BOBs that didn't make it back. Could be a neat haul for someone prepared to put in the work.

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