Eva: The Creation of a New Home

From “Planetfall: The Greatest Endeavour in Human History”, published in the late 29th century:

The stories of landing are now taught to every child in history class, but no exploration of this monumental feat of human will would be complete without a revisiting of the classic tale.

The generation ship Asimov, carrying the last survivors of what has now been determined to be an extinction-level solar disturbance which struck Old Earth, set out on a thousand year voyage to reach a far flung star system.

Though the ship was equipped for the full length of the voyage the original crew had the foresight to reduce the risk of the voyage by hoping to pass another potentially-habitable location on the way to their destination.

The wisdom in this was apparent when tragedy struck the ship shortly after the intermediary star system was reached, and the senior crew of the ship were able to safely bring the Asimov around for an early landing.

Names now familiar to students of history - Varian White and her partner Ellis de Bouillon, Markus Red, Amandine de Bouillon, Pit Blue, Nemo Blue, and the legacy of the first BFF, Morning Rainbow - all were involved, in one way or another, in convincing the populace that landing would be the best course for humanity.

The next thirty years were not without their share of drama as the Asimov made its course towards the new planet, but eventually after ejecting a substantial amount of the ship’s mass in order to slow it, the ship ended up in orbit where it remains to this day.

Ferrous Blue, an engineer whose life aboard ship has been a struggle for historians to uncover (supposedly one of the “BOB-herder” team), was the architect of the final landing solution. Having devised a system to direct the shipboard Ant recycling units she oversaw the construction of an immensely strong cable constructed from carbon nanotubes, which was to form the basis of today’s space elevator linking the ship in orbit to the surface, where the first colonies were built.

From there the rest is history. Amandine Bouillon’s tireless work in building the societal structures for the new colony, along with Varian, Nemo, and Pit’s efforts to begin terraforming, have given Humanity its new home - the planet Eva.

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