After the Debacle of 2650, NGF took a three-year hiatus. The Engineering department were at full stretch to fix the problems in the Core, and to return the ship to working order. The NGF pitch was naturally a low-priority, to the chagrin of sports fans. However, Wheatley 'the Crusher' Red continued to make media appearances to promote interest in sport and fitness. Once the NGF facilities were repaired, the NGF season returned in earnest in 2653. Harmony continued to dominate for several seasons, with the Crusher and Autumn Green sharing the Player of the Year awards between them for the next decade. Autumn Green is famous for a series of advertisements post-landing, to revitalize interest in NGF. Using state of the art post-production techniques, he is seen kicking a ball into orbit from the surface of Eva, and jumping up after it to punt it into the Asimov NGF pitch. The Crusher retired from playing in 2661, but continued his coaching career by holding Harmony at the top of the league for another decade. He became the voice of Sport Report and is fondly remembered for his no-nonsense commentary.

NGF continues to be played on Asimov, with gravity-based sports increasing in popularity on Eva.

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