The Great Alien Conspiracy

Introduction to the book “The Great Alien Conspiracy: A history of the Council of Integrity”

Over the 12 months either side of the inversion a series of events occurred that are collectively referred to as The Great Alien Conspiracy. Due to the compartmentalised nature of the Children of Earth in general and Council of Integrity in particular, much of what is known of this period is based on rumour and superposition. However, what is clear is that:

  1. A large number of people in Blue Sector were drugged with hallucinogens, leading to their reports of seeing aliens.
  2. The ACTP landing sleep training program was hacked to induce visions in a much more subtle fashion.
  3. A much smaller number of those involved in the original inversion ACTP programme experienced symptoms consistent with those experienced following the second programme.

While the blue sector drugging was well known at the time, the interference with the sleep training programme only came to light with the later investigation of Head of Navigation Varian White, who for some amount of time had believed that her own personal experienced were in fact initiated by aliens from a distant star. Varian also found evidence that suggested some “alien artifacts” and creatures that were found during the course of her investigations had been created by others on board the ship. However, no hard evidence was ever found, and any witnesses she managed to get died in mysterious circumstances.

Majority opinion is that a group of seriously misguided Children of Earth, in particular members of the Council of Integrity, otherwise known as the Alien Hunters, was behind the whole thing. That they believed the alien infiltrators were so good that they were able to destroy or conceal all evidence of their existence and the only way to awaken humanity to the threat was to recreate that evidence.

There is of course a minority opinion. That the entire thing was an alien psyop to discredit and conceal real sightings in so much noise that was provably fake. Possibly with the assistance of willing collaborators or innocent dupes. Inevitably no solid evidence has ever been advanced to support this theory. It is even suggested that The Council of Integrity survives to this day as a shadowy force within our government, dedicated to finding and eliminating alien influences.

This book explores the history and evidence behind this Great Alien Conspiracy, and whether we are truly alone, or if They are already here, ruling from the shadows.

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