The Lizard Incident

Years after the Inversion

…seemingly random attacks in Blackout Sector are now believed to be linked.

Reports of attackers wearing the symbol of a lizard head on their coats unconfirmed.

Sites attacked include illicit lizard fighting pits, illicit BOB fighting arenas, illicit cybernetic clinics.

Ongoing investigation is as of yet inconclusive…

Source – Excerpt from a Marshals' briefing circa 26–

…attacks escalating in severity. Crew members savaged by BOBs – links to the “BOBocalypse” of 2650 inconclusive. Presumed false.

All attempts from BOB Herders to locate these BOBs have failed to capture any of these BOBs thus far.

All available Marshal personnel to investigate as a matter of urgency…

Source – Excerpt from a Marshal’s briefing circa 26–

…then the plague hit, all at once, in a large number of compartments across the ship, people start to cough. Quarantine was imposed immediately, limiting the spread, but health officials heading to the scene were attacked by mysterious BOB attackers. Only this time reports got back: the BOBs seemed to be being ridden by lizards (later study would show that they were in fact built into the BOBs themselves, in the style of the “BOB Emperor” (see Finalism – A History). Cybernetically enchanced lizards. Cybernetically enhanced lizard with an utmost hatred for humans. They were eventually beaten back, but only after heavy losses. Soon, a message appeared on the terminals of the ACTP members.

“You have the nerve to call my creations monstrosities? To call my experiment a plague? You can't see the real plague. Humanity destroyed Earth, Humanity has ruined life on the ship, Humanity will ruin the destination. The lizards are the only things on this ship worthy to inhabit the new world, and I'm sure you'll agree that my Lizard BoBs are an improvement on that parasite Craig Rainbow's design.

Dr. Postlethwaite Rainbow

P.S. Seriously, I didn't make Aiden commit suicide. But the coward would have deserved it if I had.”

The plague that was unleashed was unlike anything the ship had seen before. It was different to the plague found within the confines of Toroid 3 and seemingly engineered with the sole purpose of causing as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. The department’s control was quickly seized by Laura Blue (sister of the previous head, Laurence) and a cure distributed. It was too late, though, for the hundreds killed by this plague.

A few weeks later, marshals were seen dragging a body from Blackout. It was covered in cybernetics, and has odd wires running from its head to the head of the lizard connected to its shoulder. All information requests to Harmony regarding the fate of Dr Posi Rainbow have been denied, but it’s safe to say that [REDACTED FOR PURPOSES OF SHIP MORALE]

Source – News Report circa 26–

…the Head of Health was well received by all. His decisions were well met all round, except for a strong opposition always heard from a contingent in Engineering. Callie Blue would voice concern over everything Posi did. It was suggested that she, amongst others, blamed Posi Rainbow entirely for the suicide of the previous head, Aiden White, although no evidence linking Aiden’s suicide to Posi could ever be found…


…Callie Blue was seen entering Blackout during the time of the plague unleashed on the ship. Armed with her BOB fighting shield and a rivet gun, reports said that she fought her way through waves of the lizard-BOBs and into the depths of Blackout, toward the source of the creations. Hours later, she was seen leaving, a serious look on her face. Nobody questioned her, but it was a short while after this that the body of Posi was pulled from Blackout. Some say that there was a rivet ploughed straight into his skull, but the Marshals refused to comment. When asked, all Callie Blue would say is that Posi deserved to die, but no more than that…

Source – Posi Rainbow: Monster or Misunderstood?

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