Toroid 5 Repopulation

…the Repopulation of Toroid 5 was largely due to the efforts of Head of Navigation, Varian White, and noted Engineer Pit Blue, and their use of terraforming substances. After working alongside Computer to persuade the Giant Lizards of Toroid 5 (known at the time as “Crawling Rabid Obnoxious Creatures”, CROCS, but renamed after insistence from Computer) to inhabit only certain areas for a while, they set to work transforming the corridors on Toroid 5 back to what may well have been their former state.

Beyond this, however, use of terraforming substances on larger open areas of the Toroid have led to the creation of Giant Lizard preserves. These areas allow the lizards to roam freely and have a great deal of autonomy, and certain members of Yellow and Purple sectors on Toroid 5 volunteer to look after the creatures on a regular basis…

Excerpt from “Toroid 5: A Study, undated”

In efforts to gain more of an understanding of Computer, it seemed only fitting to interview Computer itself on the recent repopulation of Toroid 5. It didn't quite go as swimmingly as we'd have hoped…

T!: So, Computer, how do you feel about the repopulation of Toroid 5?
C: Answering that question would be a waste of processing power.
T!: Was the repopulation a success?
C: Toroid 5 has been repopulated.
T!: What about the lizards? How do you feel about those?
C: There are lizards on Toroid 5.
T!: Yes, how do you feel about them?
C: There are lizards on Toroid 5.
T!: (reporter sighs) Ok, what are your feelings on the imminent landing of the ship.
C: Evacuation of Toroid 5 and habitation of those humans on the planet is a preferable option.
T!: Preferable? Preferable to what?
C: It is inadvisable to remain on Toroid 5.
T!: Why is it inadvisable?
C: It is inadvisable to remain on Toroid 5.

Excerpt from “Toroid! Magazine: An Interview with Computer on Toroid 5”

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