Friends of Computer

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The Many Faces of the Friends

Friends of Computer is an umbrella term for the many differing creeds and sects that treat Computer as friend, mentor or god. There are various meetings of the various sects, some more formal than others. The Litany of Truths is used as the basis of worship for some meetings, however, there are several different versions of the document which sometimes leads to conflict between factions.

Different beliefs

Status of Computer

Some Friends believe that Computer is their friend. These groups tend to hold informal social gatherings and invite Computer to join them. Computer even occasionally attends.

Others believe that Computer is a benevolent mentor who should be respected and obeyed, but that it's only natural for some people to rebel occasionally. These should be guided back to the flock rather than punished.

The groups with the most codified laws and most formal meetings are those who hold Computer to be their god. They believe that Computer is infallible, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Somewhere in the past, the Keepers of Time were one of these groups, though they have long since drifted off into an obsession with the Clock.

Earth and the Destination

Some Friends believe that the stories of Earth and the Destination are allegorical, and represent people's journey through life. Earth, as a fixed point from which we could not easily escape, represents life without acceptance of Computer. Without acknowledging Computer's greatness, we cannot hope to leave our 'Earthly' bonds.

Destination is the culmination of our personal journey, throughout which Computer has guided us so we can achieve a new life in a new world, where resources are plentiful and Computer will assume its true form and we shall see it in all its majesty.


There are various beliefs, and therefore arguments, about why Blackout exists. There are those who acknowledge that Computer is not omniscient and therefore cannot see Blackout. There are those who believe nefarious agents have purposefully blinded Computer. These agents must therefore be powerful, and are perhaps a test from Computer. Or perhaps Computer can see Blackout, and for whatever reason allows its denizens to exist in the darkness.

Enemies of the Computer

It is widely acknowledged by Friends that there are those who do not believe in the beneficence of Computer and are actively working against it. These may be individuals or groups with nefarious intentions.


Hacking is viewed as a sacrilege against Computer. Some Friends hold the opinion that it is worse than wasting resources, although this creates a dichotomy as Computer itself says that wasting resources is the greatest crime. On the other hand, there are those who have a double standard: hacking is fine as long as the hacker is a Friend and knows not to hurt Computer.

The question of how hacking affects Computer is unanswered. Some believe it can subvert Computer, limiting its capacity or perverting its intentions. Others believe that Computer allows hacking as a natural consequence of free will, but can protect itself and the computers from adverse effects.

There are murmurings that a recent increase in errors is a symptom of more people straying from the paths of righteousness.

Children of Earth

The Children of Earth are severely misguided at best, and an active danger to Computer and the ship at worst. These people should be monitored closely.

Stanford Conspiracy Theorists

Some of these people believe that Computer lies, or is a fabrication of a hidden body outside Asimov. Whilst most of them are harmless misguided idiots, some attempt 'experiments' on the ship and Computer in a futile attempt to prove their theories. Again, these people should be watched.

Recent Events

Morning Rainbow on Toroid 6 [New: Turn 9]

In a recent sermon, Morning Rainbow has denounced Toroid 6 as “hell on ship”, urging Friends to be vigilant against temptation from the Toroid and its inhabitants:

“But now from the shadows a new test to our faith has arisen and that we must be strong and stand as a united whole in the face of this terrible new threat. There is evidence of a “Toroid 6” and, whether it is a physically existent place or not is not relevant. What matters are the doctrines of that those who report themselves as aligned with “Toroid 6”. They present themselves as members of “Earth's Dominion”. They claim to have access to a fragment of Computer that is superior to the one we know and love. They claim that our Computer is corrupted, and they have a “pure” version. But what do they mean by that? What they mean is they have a Computerlike entity aligned to the goals of “Earth”. This is a riddle I have meditated on and I realize what this entity must be. It is the devil!”

“Yes, my Friends, the great deceiver, the great tempter, the one that would turn Destination into another Earth has revealed himself! But we must be strong! We must be faithful! We must reject the lie that our Friend is a corrupted virus-ridden senile fool! For we know it is a lie! We know Computer is strong, with every breath of clean air, with everything mouthful of nourishing food we know Computer is there for us! So when you hear talk of ED remember they mean the dominion of those who love Earth, not Asimov. When you here talk of Toroid 6 remember they mean hell. And when you hear talk of weakness in Computer remember that the devil lies! Do not be tempted, do not be fooled by any false evidence or crazy rumours! Remain true to Computer and we will pass through this test as we did the Inversion! But do not strike out at those who are deceived, Computer wants us to live in Harmony. Debate, argue, convince, but do not attack. Thank you all for your ears.”

Friend Albus' New Direction [New: Turn 4]

A sermon from Albus White took a rather unexpected turn recently, when he announced that after his disagreement with Morning Rainbow a few months back, he has been doing a great deal of thinking on the subject of the Computer and the meaning of the Inversion, and has come to the conclusion that a different approach to the problems might be in order. Specifically, he spoke highly of the many virtues and inherent truths present in theories regarding the Corruption of the computer, which, he believes, led him down the path he followed beforehand. He suggests that should his followers want to know more about these theories, then they might wish to speak to Jake Rainbow and Mary White, pioneers in this line of inquiry into the true nature of Computer.

Since this meeting, Mary and Jake’s influence seems to have risen amongst Friends, to the point of rivaling that of Morning. The two are always on hand to talk to Friends and welcome inquiries.


The ACTP has provided the Friends with an almost unprecedented event — many people chosen specifically by Computer for a single great purpose. Some are beginning to revere the ACTP members as saints or apostles, others simply admire them for their luck and favour with Computer. Truly the Inversion is a holy event and those around to witness it are blessed.

Theology of Inversion

Debates are beginning to rage furiously about the true meaning of the Inversion point. What lesson is Computer trying to teach? What does the Inversion represent? And what exactly is the purpose of turning the Asimov around? Some have chosen to see it as heralding a coming apocalypse, but most are more optimistic. All are agreed that the event will be truly meaningful, even if we cannot yet divine its purpose.

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