The Keepers of Time

The following page is a secret brief that is only available to those affiliated to your faction (or who have gained the information through other channels). It represents a significant investment of IC time and effort. Please do not copy and paste the contents to other players.

With that proviso you may feel free to communicate the information IC using your own words. Of course, your faction may not like you spreading their secrets, and if you are caught doing so you may face IC consequences.

One True Clock stolen! [New Turn 12]

It seems that with many of the Keepers leaving the temple to help correct an issue with the MOP clock, bringing it back to The One True Time, a hitherto unknown splinter faction believing that Computer is hiding the true direction of time from us after the flip have stolen The One True Time, murdering many of our brethren. Who can we trust? Where is The One True Clock? What will become of us?

Repercussions of the Inversion [New Turn 9]

It has come to our attention that the recent ship Inversion could have had catastrophic effects upon the shipboard clocks (although the accuracy of The Clock is unquestioned). All Keepers should do their duty in checking every clock they know of to make sure that they are still synchronised with The Clock. This is of utmost importance.

The Keepers and the Friends

Many people see the Keepers of Time as being separate from other factions on the ship, but really they are a fanatical offshoot of the Friends of Computer, and many of their basic beliefs are shared, particularly a version of the Litany of Truths. However, many of the Keepers of Time shun the Friends of Computer as not being pious enough.

It is the goal of many Keepers of Time to educate their less pious brethren and once again bring them back into the fold of true belief. It is acknowledged, however, that this may take a Rather Long Time. Regardless, those who bring more into the fold - whether they be Friend or otherwise - are quickly recognised for their achievements and are usually given status within the Keepers accordingly.

The Clock

As far as they have been able to ascertain, the actual location of the Clock is hidden deep within one of the Computer's processing units, and this is probably for the best. The location that the Keepers guard is instead the most detailed and accurate readout, incrementing constantly through the millisecond range with very little latency or stuttering. This place is a holy shrine and members will often make pilgrimages here to “synchronise” (or “sanctify”) devices that contain a clock that is not connected to Computer for some reason.

The Stanford Conspiracy Theorists

There is only one thing worse than a person who can't be bothered to keep good time, and that is someone who defies the Computer and the sanctity of the Clock. The Stanford Conspiracy Theorists are the worst of these, and recently a group attempted to raid the Keepers' most holy shrines and defile them by smashing displays.

The Keepers have yet to take their revenge for this outrage, knowing that in Time the Computer will prove the conspiracy theorists wrong anyway. But there is a definite need to make them aware that these actions are blasphemy and will not be tolerated. The Keepers have collectively gathered a fair amount of resources as reward for whichever imaginative individual can definitively show the Theorists that the Keepers of Time are not to be trifled with, once and for all.

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