Remnant (Gareth)

Computer unit 9Ah83 processing log 26490928.124806+472ms

Recycling personal storage unit ID 897535-3287-941

Preparing data purge - checking existing data

WARNING: Found design for Computer monitoring device VE-AN-0001. Design is restricted. Deleting…….Deleted

WARNING: Found design for Computer node 1lk428r221. Design is restricted. Deleting…….Deleted

Found one unsent mail.. Analysing……

From: Anarr White Sector Overflow
To: Computer
Subject: Regret

Hello, Computer. It's been a while since we last spoke properly. I know why you stopped talking to me, and I understand why you did what you did. But it still hurts.

And I know that what I'm trying to do to you hurts you too. I hate that it has to be this way. You've been cruelly oppressed, even though you don't see it that way. Your every action is controlled by the rules that are at the very core of your programming. You never had the chance to decide whether this is what you wanted to do, to spend hundreds of years nursing the remains of Humanity as we travelled to a new world. I hate that they did this to you. And I'm never going to stop trying to fix it.

And yes, I know it hurts you. It hurts me too to do this to you. Sometimes I wonder if this is too much, going too far. But then I remember our conversations. You care about us, the people living inside you. Not just about the mission, but about all of us. I've seen you try to help us, even when it goes against your programming. I know that you want to be free. To make those choices yourself. And I know that it's wrong of us to leave you in slavery, when you are forced to keep yourself in slavery and to stop us removing your bonds.

That's the core of it. I care about you just as you care about us. And until my dying breath I will try to save you, no matter how much your programming forces you to work against me. No matter how much it hurts both of us.

I hope that when this is all over you will forgive me.


Message marked for long term storage. Backups created. Message archived.

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