Final Contact (Chris V.)

A final tightbeam communication from Darwin on T6 back to Eva some time after its departure from the system.


When talking about the initial split we talked about keeping in touch via tightbeam communication. Now I'm off out of the solar system again with toroid 6 I thought I'd resurrect this idea to keep in touch as long as possible.

We're mostly all good here. I knew about the decision T6 computer made. It felt that continuing on to destination would maximize humanity's chances of survival. Two colonies do indeed sound better than one.

I agreed with this idea. I wasn't happy about the suddenness of it and the fact that some unfortunately were here against their will but there is still a certain distrust and I trusted computer that no warning was for the best.

I've spent a long time trusted with information and thus implicitly with a responsibility to do what is for the best and this time I decided that I'd done enough. I'm just following orders, something that may well not turn out well but I was in no position to stop computer even if I had disagreed so thought I'd just go along quietly.

I've waited to make sure things are going well before sending this so that I have some good news rather than just saying I don't know how its going.

It'll be hundreds of years before we get to destination so our colony will be a long time behind yours in terms of development which means you're more likely to come to us before we come to you. Just make sure people remember us well.

I'm going to miss you all but I'll try to keep in touch. It may be that we can keep communication going between the two planets but I suspect it will be at a minimum. I suspect the society we set up will be very different to the one that exists on Eva.

As a mirror to Eva I may consider suggesting that our current destination be named Felice.

I wish you all the best and hope that everything turns out for the best in the future.

Darwin Blue

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