Victor's Mission Plans (James W.): Operations Lizard Legs and Flip Flop

During the course of the ACTP, Victor oversaw, from his Mission Control Room, a number of Engineering Department missions. For two of these missions, briefing videos were produced. While these are still classified to Engineering IC, they are provided here for your OOC amusement. Internet cookies for spotting the video game the idea for these videos was completely stolen from.

Operation Lizard Legs

The first mission Victor ever oversaw, and the genesis of the Mission Control Room that Victor would later use extensively. This was (as far as Engineering is aware, anyway) the first ever mission into Toroid 5 in recent times, and the first use of the ARC (Anti Radiation Capsule) (aka Scorpion Suit). The mission was undertaken by Pit to try and find some of the equipment needed for the Flip. IC, this was available only to Victor, Pit and Ellis.

Operation Flip Flop

This was the mission for the Flip itself, involving a large number of ACTP members. IC, this was available to all those mentioned in the video.

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