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By popular request! - James W / Victor

Was planned to be on the CD but Ellie must have had mercy on the GMs, so I've put it here:

Eek! It was certainly *meant* to go on! Sorry! I thought I had it down but it seems to have slipped through the lists! So sorry! (GMs? Mercy? Whatnow? ;) )


“Kazoos are like Piers Red: they're both awesome, just misunderstood.”

“I'm not wearing a skintight leather catsuit. You get me in the clothes I have or not at all.”

“We are not putting the Captain in a chainmail bikini.”

We're great at improvising. We're also good at irradiating things. -Ellis

You know you're having a bad day when you've just had a “Not so different,” moment with Piers Red. -Aiden White

“Some people are only alive because it would take a major action to kill them.”

“This is the worst text adventure game ever!”

“Murdering people is much less dangerous than escorting Engineering trips.” -Piers Red

“If there's one thing we do as a society, it's long black coats.”- Ed G

“I tried to go to Blackout once. I looked at the door and then got scared and ran away.” -Victor White

“Dead bodies are much easier to step over to get to BOBs than live ones.” -Indium

“Wait wait wait, since when has she had Combat 3?” -Hades

“Can Hades play the guitar without any relevant skills?” “Yes, but he won't be very good.” “It's ok, I only wanted to play thrash metal anyway.”

“Sorry if that rescue was a scarier rescue than I intended.” - Darwin.

“At least R.O.N. never blew up the ITTS.”

“It's the final turnsheet and 'OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?!' ”

“You have survived by literally the skin of your… mech suit.”

“Did they just destroy the ship?” “Well, it'll make eternity much easier to write…”

Playing hallucinations of my dead character is fun and heart-wrenching in equal parts.

If I take nothing else away from this game, the fact that I was able to make two of the GMs cry is enough for me.

Does Annas (The white bald one) in this remind anyone else of Mordecai?


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