Blue Sector

The following page is a secret brief that is only available to those familiar with Blue Sector. It represents a significant investment of IC time and effort, so please do not directly copy and paste the contents to other players.

With that proviso you may feel free to communicate the information IC using your own words. Of course, your neighbours may not like their private affairs gossiped all over the ship, and if you are caught doing so you may face IC consequences.

Thefts and Resources [Updated turn 4]

Key resource stockpiles have been stolen, and storerooms vandalised with rainbow emblems, indicating Rainbow as the perpetrators. BOBs have been dispatched to fix the graffiti, and volunteers are requested to reacquire what is missing from Rainbow and apprehend the culprits. Rewards will be issued to those who assist.

Security patrols have been intensified. All outsiders without identification on display should be brought to the nearest Harmony enforcer.

Resource stockpiles were depleted even before these thefts. Residents may wish to request the Computer allow us to requisition materials from other sectors or perhaps other Toroids, as it may be more malleable given the advent of the ACTP.

Ghost, if you are reading this, please refrain from visiting Rainbow for a while. It seems a fitting punishment that they dilapidate further.

October Update: It seems that most of the supplies have been returned now. Its generally believed that looking into this any further is a waste of time.

Your Contacts In Blue


My time is precious. If you do not believe your point of concern is important enough for me to direct my attention to it personally, yet it still needs attention from someone in a position of authority, then below is a list of those you may wish to contact for inter-sector business instead.

  • Department of Navigation issues should be addressed to Hawk Blue, head of Navigation.
  • Department of Health and medical issues should be addressed to Laurence Blue, head of Health.
  • Department of Engineering issues should be addressed to Marcia Blue, BOB herder. She may not be high-ranking, but I find her competent.
  • Department of Harmony and well-being issues should be addressed to Manny Blue, Harmony manager.
  • Department of Recycling and requisitions issues should be addressed to Ben Blue, Requisitions operative.

Should something be urgent enough to need my expertise, you know where to find me.

Lucas Blue

Illness Cured [Updated turn 1]

The respiratory infection has now been cured - see the News for more info!

Null Grav Football

We exceeded expectations in the league tables this year. It would be an excellent demonstration of our sector's superiority were we to beat Red or Green this season. Certainly we should be able to beat White. Any residents interested in trying out for the team, please get in touch. Remember, if we win, everyone gets more luxury allowances.

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