White Sector

The following page is a secret brief that is only available to those familiar with White Sector. It represents a significant investment of IC time and effort, so please do not directly copy and paste the contents to other players.

With that proviso you may feel free to communicate the information IC using your own words. Of course, your neighbours may not like their private affairs gossiped all over the ship, and if you are caught doing so you may face IC consequences.

Whitesiders cancelled? [New turn 5]

A rumour from a well placed source has indicated that Whitesiders may be cancelled at the end of the current production run. What would White sector be without its most famous product? We must lobby to make sure it is renewed, for the good of sector morale if nothing else!

Remembrance Ceremony [New turn 3]

Mira White holds a mass assembly in White Sector to mourn the dead of last month's tragedy, including friends and family telling anecdotes of those lost, smiling through tears. Mordecai White delivers a moving speech on how we must all rally around the survivors of the tragedy, how we mustn't pressure them but must support them as a community to help them get over this horrifying loss. Massive vats of communal food are brought out, and the community brought together. Mira mentions the most recent episode of Whitesiders, a sensitive and moving portrayal of everyday people grieving, and thanks Nikki Rainbow for her tactful and skilled writing. Finally, she finishes with some good news; a scarred and hobbling William White is brought out, surrounded and supported by his wife and children. Apparently he slipped into a coma from oxygen deprivation but is on his way to making a recovery. He has suffered brain damage, including full amnesia, but she hopes everyone will help him feel welcome and part of the community again. He smiles weakly and is led away to rest as the White residents applaud.

Whitesiders: Losing its roots?

The recent exposé that less than 5% of Whitesiders is actually shot in White sector continues to cause uproar among local residents. Fuel was only poured on the fire recently when a source close to senior Harmony managers commented that the main reason for this was that unspecified major stars acting on the show found White sector too cramped and bland. Recent episodes of the show have actually been shot on various sound stages in a grey sector, with only the big money shots using the White Sector Skyscraper and other landmarks taking place in White.

Population Pressures May Lead to Further Overflow [Updated Turn 1]

White Sector has always been crowded, and making living space for this many families has always been a challenge to the creativity of White's Harmony Managers and Engineers alike. In the past, White has spilt out into the surrounding Grey sectors as overflow, but even this is starting to prove inadequate—the Grey sectors were never really intended to have sizable residential areas, so there was never much room for people in the first place.

Mira White has suggested that White residents pull together to solve the problem of overcrowding in a sensible way, perhaps by trying to find more places to convert into residential areas that aren't occupied by vital machinery or otherwise unsuitable for habitation.

A few more radical elements have suggested other methods; perhaps coming to an agreement with another residential sector–or perhaps even forcibly seizing space and displace the existing residents. It's well known that Green and Rainbow waste huge amounts of space on unimportant things like plants and art, so they probably won't be inconvenienced too much.

Whatever solution is found, Mira has suggested that those who solve the problem in a way that benefits White may be due a favour or two, and would probably be considered favourably by Computer.

Some residents have filled out the remaining space in the adjacent grey sector (henceforth White Sector Overflow). Others have formed relationships with members of Rainbow that justify moving in over there.

Real life Whiteside drama!

The Wolf Drop team are petitioning Computer for vid footage of a recent daring rescue. Aiden White was in the right place at the right time to save Xanto from plummeting down the Skyscraper. Engineer Xanto had been checking balcony railings when one gave way, and he was left hanging by his overalls over the dizzying height. Luckily, somebody recognised EMT Aiden walking nearby, and he raced up the Skyscraper and rescued the unfortunate engineer, who was uninjured, if slightly shaken.

Preacher issues spiritual call to arms [Updated turn 1]

Friend Albus White called upon all true believers to gather in his shrine on level 30 during June for a time of reflection and meditation upon the true meaning of the inversion point. Friend Albus is the leader of a subgroup of the Friends of Computer known as the Church of the Ship Eternal, for whom the concept of a change in the direction of travel dictated by Computer signals a major theological event. Albus lost some of his follower base to Posi Rainbow and his more positive message that things will only get better as the Earth becomes more distant and the Destination closer, and Albus' followers in White are none too happy with Posi.

Faithful poured in from all over the toroid, and local support systems were overwhelmed leading to a small number of deaths. While engineering managed to bodge a fix for now, they don't expect it to last, and the Friends don't seem inclined to move on.

Someone needs to encourage the Friends to go home, or upgrade the life support systems before anyone else dies.

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