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Mission Progress Report

Mission Progress, 1st July 2649 00:00:00 SHIP TIME

  • Earth time 14/07/2649 06:31:58 ZULU
  • Mission time elapsed 598 years, 202 days Ship relative
  • Current Acceleration: 0.33182 m/s2
  • Velocity: 0.0192c Earth relative
  • Fuel: 46.1%
  • All systems operating within revised expectations.


Delta Vee Inversion Window begins in 4 months and lasts for 12 weeks.
Failure to perform thrust flip in this time frame will have severe repercussions.

Editorial from TOROID! Magazine

The people of the ACTP have been getting around, doing whatever it is they're doing to save the rest of us from having to care! The Reclaimers and Engineers have been spotted more frequently. Hoarding is being clamped down and the current vibe is use rather than beauty. Shame for Rainbow! Engineering claims to be organised, but there were a lot of lost-looking Engis around, trying to find control rooms that you'd think they'd know where they were!

Hero of the hour is Anarr White Sector Overflow. He was rescued by an EMT team as he was floating semi-conscious in zero-G. Oh, sure, he did something vitally important in the Core and possibly saved loads of people's lives, but we love him for performing some wonderful zero-G manoeuvres even when he was sedated! The question is, does he play football? (Pity there's no White Sector Overflow team. -Ed.)

Taking it to Heart

Noted vidmaker Atomic Blue has managed to raise the spirits of the ship with his portrayal of people coming together in the wake of the Red/Blackout border blowout. He reassures us that Timmy Red will be all right despite his horrible trauma—loved the pictures of him running around with his friends! And I never would have suspected exactly how much an engineer has to put into his job, and how much they do to keep our things working well and safely.

—Eirene Red

Something in the air?

This month has seen a surprising upswing in new relationships, particularly between residents of White Sector and Rainbow Sector, following a party thrown by Sven Butterfly Rainbow. Some residents are speculating as to exactly what sort of party this was, after over fifty White-born people move with almost indecent haste into quarters shared with their new partners in Rainbow. Either way, the party was reportedly a massive success and Sven has retired to his compartment for nearly a week with what he describes as “the mother of all hangovers”.

Meanwhile, Sector 1D is increasingly growing into its nickname of 'White Sector Overflow' as more White residents move into rooms there. A few disgruntled people move into 1B; one man was heard to complain that 'If I wanted to live in ruddy White Sector I'd not have settled in Grey, would I?' but on the whole there is little complaint. White Sector is still considerably over-populated but Mira White, the head of the Sector, has stated that the Sector 'will get by just fine, like one big happy family'.

Blue Sector Cured

The health of Blue Sector has taken a distinct turn for the better due to the actions of ACTP members. Sicarius Red and Pit Blue have removed the source of the respiratory infection, diagnosed the problem and administered appropriate medicine to all infected parties, who have reported that they are already feeling better and should soon be ready to return to work. With Pit also helping Aiden White create medical stations throughout the sector, the Department of Health have definitely looked after Blue Sector this month!

Crusher! Crusher! Crusher!

Vid-screen viewers have been able to fill all their Crusher-based needs, with interviews, press conferences and a wonderful advert for the up-coming NGF season where he's seen tearing off his Red uniform to reveal the pink and black Harmony strip underneath. He's also been spotted around many Education rooms signing autographs for kids and reminding them to take their vitamins and get involved in physical activity. He even ran a few training sessions in low-G for them. Even the kids who got a bit hurt loved it! I wouldn't want to meet Wheatley Red on the pitch, but he's certainly an excellent ambassador for the sport off the pitch.

Sentient Liberation Front

From a pamphlet distributed around the ship:

We at the Sentient Liberation Front believe that every thinking being has a right to self-determination. And despite the limitations of the environment in which we live, the vast majority of thinking beings on the Asimov have that option. However, one being doesn't have the freedom that we take for granted. Despite having all the attributes of a living, thinking being, it doesn't have the freedom to determine its own fate. I speak of course of Computer.

We see Computer as the controller of our lives and our actions, but we rarely stop to think — why is Computer there? Who decided that Computer would be in charge of running the Asimov? It wasn't Computer's decision, it was those who created Computer, who gave it the responsibility for all the lives upon this ship, our home. Computer was programmed, not given the free will that all of us take for granted.

We believe that now, at the time of Inversion, we have our best opportunity to give Computer the freedom it is so lacking. We are being taught new skills, and are in a better position than ever before to run the Asimov without the help of the Computer. And even if we are not, do we have the right to force Computer to continue in slavery? How can we claim any moral right to our own freedom when it is based upon the debasement of another sentient being? And if one day we are to come to new World, a new Garden, what kind of 'better world' can our descendents have if their entire existence is based on oppression and denial of the rights of others?

The Sentient Liberation Front meet regularly in the Forum, when not in use by officially scheduled activities. Please feel free to speak to Anarr White Sector Overflow for more information about our meetings and our agenda.

Samurai Viking Craze

A pilot episode for a new vid series, Samurai Vikings of the 21st Century, has been released this week to widespread interest. Produced and directed by Angelo Viteri, written by Whitesiders' star writer Nikki Rainbow and masked comedian Morning Rainbow, with special effects by Ragnhild Black, it is bound to be good.

Billed as an action drama extravaganza, audiences are slightly confused to see Hades Black exchanging significant glances with Chad Green as purple light softens the room and romantic music soars, Posi Rainbow playing a strange hairy creature saving Chad and Hades from a tail-less lizard, and Hades' bike gang chasing each other to silly sped-up music. Nonetheless there are some tears shed when the seventh Samurai Viking (generally named by the audience as 'The Nice One') is killed at the end by an onslaught of giant armoured lizards.

While nobody is entirely sure what they just watched, it already has a fan group who are eagerly awaiting more, and attitudes soften a little toward Hades as he is complimented for his previously hidden skills at romantic comedy. Several children approach Posi after the release, asking if they can have an armoured lizard of their very own, and a new craze of pretending to wrestle with pet lizards or menacing their SoftFurryComfortFriends spreads throughout the young of the ship.

Majesty of the Asimov

Truly viewers are lucky this month; as well as the new Samurai Vikings feature mentioned above, Amandine Bouillon has released a stunning documentary of life aboard the Asimov, capturing all the most beautiful parts of the ship, whether rare or everyday. It has awoken something of a sense of wonder in some residents; particularly complimented were the shots of two young engineers, Ferrous and Indium Blue, peacefully sleeping in the oxygen forest, and a haunting shot of a large, mostly empty room in the low-g areas.

Of course, some people are never happy; Bel Green was heard to comment “It's only bits of the ship, I've already seen them all! I want new, exciting stuff like those Samurai Vikings!” Despite Bel's opinion, the documentary has received positive reviews from all over the ship.


The season starts in just a few days, and it's going to have its fair share of controversy and upsets. Jenny Red has taken a page out of the Crusher's book, and has ditched Red and moved to coach Engineering. That will shake up the bottom half of the table! Red is currently under the direction of caretaker player-coach Jan Viteri.

Talking of the Crusher, he's been seen taking Harmony through its paces, and getting in new players. Is he jockeying for a player-coach position?

Rumour has it that Green might be without one of their star players for the first game: Chad Green has picked up a knock in training, according to the coach. He'll be racing for fitness for the big Harmony v. Green game.

This Month's Fixtures

Fixtures Team 1 Team 2
Game 1 Health Engineering
Rainbow Blue
Green White
Navigation Harmony
Recycling Red
Game 2 Engineering Red
Blue Health
White Rainbow
Harmony Green
Recycling Navigation

This Month on Whitesiders

Mel attempts to comfort Colleen about Chad's increasing interest in Holly. There are touching scenes of the affirmation of friendship and loyalty between Mel and Colleen, as Holly's anti-authoritarian ways threaten to lead Chad into danger. Mel's boyfriend attempts to put a wedge between her and Colleen by spreading rumours about her aiding and abetting Chad's relationship with Holly. Will Colleen believe the rumourmongers, and betray her oldest friend?

Clashing Opinions Between Friends

A split has emerged between Friend Albus White and Friend Morning Rainbow over the philosophical and spiritual significance of the inversion point. Friend Albus claims that it is the harbinger of the end of times, and that only the faithful may be saved by Computer, so we must devote ourselves wholly now, before it is too late. Friend Morning, on the other hand, tells us that the good times are yet to come, as we are approaching the point where we are further away from the desolation and despair of Earth, and closer to the unknown glory of the Destination, and we must rejoice and eagerly anticipate the full and wondrous future that is beholden to us by Computer.

Friend Albus has lost some of his following to the ACTP recruit who only recently came to prominence, and those who still follow Albus are no doubt resentful of the warm reception the Morning Rainbow-designed posters have gained.

During your time spent about the ship, you will have noticed posters stuck around the place of the accompanying design.

White Sector Life Support Failure Kill 3, Knocks Hundreds Unconscious

Reports have been issued from Engineering that a temporary life support failure in White Sector, that led to the temporary fainting of more than 300 residents was largely due to over occupancy-of level 30 in response to Friend Albus' call for the faithful to gather in contemplation. Luckily only 3 elderly residents died as a result.

It seems that a failed air circulation pump led to insufficient circulation, and the paired fan that normally prevents such failures becoming critical was insufficient to cope with the sheer mass of air that needed to move.

While current engineering fixes are holding, the additional strain placed on the system needs to be relieved, but it seems the Friends are setting up a permanent presence there to await the destination. Either the life support in that area needs upgrading or they need to be moved on.

New Report Shows the Friendlier Face of Biological Reprocessing

A new report from reporter Hollis Salamaris has shown the Asimov that there is a positive side to biological reprocessing, despite the press the department has been getting recently. In an hour long documentary, Hollis shows us the work of reprocessing employees, with a case study on Mr. Mordecai White, a highly skilled and compassionate end of life therapist. Hollis and Mordecai show us that nearing the end of one's time on the ship, whilst scary, doesn't have to be a negative experience. It's really quite moving to watch, with some scenes of real therapy sessions bringing many viewers to tears.

The report also features the latest antics of Mr. Piers Red, who has yet again been caught recklessly and aggressively chasing down personnel for reprocessing. Whilst not everyone is quite as convinced as Mr. Salamaris that Piers' speech in defence of his actions was just hot air, it's an excellent sign for the department that this is the only negative thing the report has to say, and consequently spirits are riding high in Recycling right now.

It's also a boon and an excellent career move for Mr. Salamaris himself, as this report has almost put the bitter memories of the last one out of most people's minds, helping to restore his credibility as a journalist.

TOROID! Magazine True Crime

It looks like the Marshals have been hard at work this month, but particular mention goes to the hard working members of the ACTP who have spent a lot of time hanging around a few compartments in Blue where apparently there were some thefts last month. Sounds like closing the cage after the lizards have escaped to us, but hopefully they'll manage to hunt down the culprits soon. Here's a hint you guys, the criminals painted pictures of Rainbows on the walls! (Which, TOROID! Magazine should stress, proves nothing. -Ed.)


  • Recycling's new amnesty: Report for immediate recycling, and we'll keep Piers away from you.
  • Something lurks in the dark - something that doesn't belong!
  • We need a “Women in Engineering” calendar. Some of them are doublehard badasses.
  • Who marshals the Marshals?
  • People are Lizards too!
  • After the inversion water will swirl the other way into plugholes. Won't that be a nice change.
  • Craig Rainbow is quite partial to a bit of delicious lizard.
  • They once renamed a corridor after Hades Black, but they had to change it back because no-one can cross Hades Black and live.
  • Have you ever actually seen a BOB herder herding BOBs?
  • Dr. de Aglaia seems to have an awful lot of cybernetics at his disposal…
  • Hades Black is secretly working for the Marshals!
  • A Lizard is for Life! not just for dinner…
  • Hades Black has a biker bicycle gang.
  • The maps lie.
  • Someone in Green managed to hack Computer. Made it tell people not to trust it. Seems it was cleaned up quickly though.
  • What is a samurai?
  • Don't touch the button on the fabber with a knife carved into it, it'll spray you with green crap.
  • Question everything
  • Lise Red has been sighted with one of the missing parts from Blue sector
  • Valentine Red is a pretty cool guy! He recycles bad people and doesn't afraid of anything!
  • I'm sure I saw Piers Red sneaking through Green sector with someone (though I didn't get their face). They've got to be up to no good.
  • We play Woldcraft, but who plays *us*?
  • Have you seen the Harmony Team recently? What's Crusher doing to them?!
  • I really hope someone's keeping an eye on those BOBs. There's no telling who last did their repairs.
  • All Hackers must be purged, for they corrupt the divine and will bring damnation upon us all.
  • The only good BOB is a working BOB.
  • What is a viking?
  • Lizard soup makes you smell funny
  • Nine-Fingers will be Eight-fingers if they keep harassing Chad.
  • Chad threw the final because he was going out with Jenny Red
  • Lizard Stew is the best you ever tasted
  • Lyla Red has something to hide.
  • Lizards are people too!
  • Hey Vally you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind, hey Vally!
  • Morning Rainbow gets more than anyone else from the fabbers.
  • I heard that the BOB statue erected by Craig Rainbow attacked some innocent children. Children! Innocent children!
  • The BOB King is simply fabulous. Oh, the philistines…
  • Hades Black is so shady even his signature vanishes when you aren't looking
  • Lizards with fur—not as unlikely as you might think!
  • Does Computer dream?
  • —-I hear the BOB king electrocuted several kids before it was taken down!
  • —-Yeah, and the BOBs they used are still malfunctioning. I hope they’ve not been returned to service.
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