News, Turn 4

Mission Progress Report

Mission Progress, 1st October 2649 00:00:00 SHIP TIME

  • Earth time 14/10/2649 06:56:30 ZULU
  • Mission time elapsed 598 years, 294 days Ship relative
  • Current Acceleration: 0.00033186 m/s2
  • Velocity: 0.0192c Earth relative
  • Fuel: 46.0%
  • The following systems are not operating under revised expectations:
    • Inter toroidal transport system


Delta Vee Inversion Window begins in 31 days and lasts for 12 weeks.
Failure to perform thrust flip in this time frame will have severe repercussions.

ITTS Still Down

Despite the efforts of a group of ACTP members, the necessary repairs to the inter-toroidal transport system are still unfinished, leaving travel between toroids impossible. There is widespread discontent from those who haven't been able to get to work or to see friends and relatives over the course of the month. However, reports suggest that the repair efforts were sabotaged by parties unknown.

Reports state that Anarr White-Sector Overflow and Ellis de Bouillon were about to re-lay the cable, when they were attacked by a masked assailant armed with two enforcement-grade pistols who injured them and fled the scene. Fortunately, Aiden White was on hand nearby to patch them up, and no permanent injuries have been sustained.

The identity of the attacker is still a mystery, though Marshals say they are investigating the issue as top priority.

Global Systems Test

The ACTP has successfully tested vital systems in preparation for the inversion of Asimov. While the Engineering department including Ellis Bouillon, Darwin Blue, John White, Victor White, and Anarr White Sector Overflow bore the brunt of the work, special mention has to go to Aiden White and the Health department for being on standby, and Recycling for providing the necessary material for pressure suits and other safety equipment.

The general conclusion seems to be that the Ion Drive controls and thrusters are in good working order, ready for the flip! The ACTP's next tasks will be the final preparations for the inversion, last minute testing, with all departments needing to work together to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

ACTP-Apprentice Training

William White has managed to pull sufficient strings to arrange many of his apprentices' training from Computer's Chosen - the ACTP Members.

A lot was learned by those involved, with lectures on SLF philosophy from Anarr, combat tutorials from Marshal Lyla Red, recycling expeditions with James Green and a mysterious learning adventure with Templar Smith.

SV21 Take me to your Lizard

Children across the ship have been invited to enter a competition to act in Samurai Vikings alongside their favourite stars. Applications pour in, and sure enough, the next scheduled episode features the brave heroes being attacked by a horde of almost two dozen 'Goblizards', child-sized humanoid lizard creatures. The kids seem to greatly enjoy swarming Crusher, Hades and his Samurai Vikings as they heroically try to rescue Posi's character, Dog, who was abducted by Lizards and taken to their underground temple at the end of last month's exciting cliffhanger. The Goblizards identify themselves as 'the Friends of the Lizard', and fanatically obey the orders of the head of the Cult, a particularly large lizard lounging on a throne. They are attempting to force Posi to join, and doing star-jumps in unison (or as close as children can manage) on the Lizard's orders, when the brave heroes arrive and are promptly attacked by yelling, screaming Goblizards. The battle is not going well, as the stars theatrically fling small children away, until Chad abseils down from what looks like a well shaft in the ceiling. Landing behind the throne, he shouts for everyone to lie facedown in a hissy voice. Taking it for an order from Lizard, the Friends of the Lizard drop instantly to the ground, allowing the heroes to rescue Posi and escape up the well. No children were hurt during the making of this episode. Somehow.

Wolfdrop & Samurai Vikings Special Crossover Edition

From TOROID! Magazine's front page:

A Star Studded Cast Performs The Most Daring Rescue Ever!

Read inside for our astonishing exposé on the Samurai Vikings as they cross over with the cast of Wolf Drop for one amazing episode! Watch as they brave the dangers of the core! Marvel as they send supplies to the stranded crew using a modified BOB! Hold your breath as Wolf Red and Posi Rainbow make a death-defying leap into the Toroid - and then return unharmed!

This month Samurai Vikings of the 21st Century crosses over with Wolf Red and the Wolf Drop crew, as they take a cure for a dire contagion threatening the entire ship to the stranded crewmembers on Toroid 3. The episode is incredibly well received and the highlights are still being played on repeat around the ship - particularly Hades and Wolf and their chiseled jawlines, and Posi's daring leap into and out of the Toroid.

Two Heads Step Down, One Missing

It seems this has been a bad month to be in power with the sudden news that both Jenny Green, head of Recycling, and Sven Rainbow, head of Rainbow, have voluntarily stepped down from their positions. Both cited personal reasons for the decision and have wished the best of luck to whomsoever replaces them.

Perhaps even more pressing is the matter of Lucas Blue, head of Blue, who by now has not been seen for well over a month, and was reported by Computer as being seen last entering Blackout. Those close to him consider the circumstances suspicious and are greatly concerned for his welfare. Those who have any information related to his disappearance are requested to speak to Harmony.

Wobble-headed hoarder caught

A teenage girl in Green has been denied fabber privileges for 6 months after she was caught hoarding the popular Samurai Viking collectable bobbleheads. She apparently used fabber rights for her entire family without permission, leaving them destitute in her craze for more 'wobbly-headed adorableness'. While the crime was not severe enough to require premature recycling, she is nonetheless aware that authorities will not tolerate further lawbreaking from her in future. The hoard has been returned to recycling.

The Best of the Best of the Best! Huh!

Toroid! magazine snippet

NGF bad-boy Wheatley “the Crusher” Red joined Mei Mei White, BOBHerder calendar-girl, for a fast new development in youth fitness. They're rounding up both 'nerds' and 'jocks' and trying to whip them into shape rather than have them waste away in the VR lounges. Time will tell if Crusher manages to maim any of the little whelps! (I'm keeping my kids safe in WorldCraft! — Ed.)

Sport report

NGF went ahead this month, despite the difficulties with the ITTS. However, spectators were not permitted to travel to the games, and had to make do with the vid feeds.

Results League table Points
Game 5 Red 5 1 Health Green 15
Navigation 1 2 White Engineering 15
Rainbow 1 3 Engineering Harmony 15
Recycling 2 4 Harmony Red 13
Green 5 1 Blue Recycling 6
Game 6 Red 1 4 Harmony Rainbow 5
White 0 1 Recycling Blue 4
Blue 0 0 Navigation Navigation 4
Engineering 2 0 Green White 4
Health 3 1 Rainbow Health 4
Game 7 Green Health
Harmony White
Navigation Engineering
Recycling Blue
Red Rainbow
Game 8 Navigation Red
Engineering Blue
Health White
Green Recycling
Rainbow Harmony

Rainbow v. Engineering

Engineering made one change from the last match, with Indium Blue making her debut. Rainbow fielded an unchanged side from their win against Recycling.

Engineering showed their determination under coach Jenny Red, but failed to show the flair they've previously had. However, Rainbow didn't prove a challenge, and Engineering ground out a flattering 3-1 win.

Engineering v. Green

Green are the favourites for this match, but Engineering have been deserving of their league position. Will Jenny Red pull off her first major upset?

Green, under coach Chad Green, played a defensive game, but to no avail. Engineering settled quickly and scored twice, Darwin Blue getting both, in the first half. Another new signing for Engineering, Mitty Red, came on in defence for the final 10 minutes, and successfully helped Engineering keep another clean sheet. It finished 2-0 to an enthusiastic Engineering.

Red v. Harmony

The pre-match buildup for this game was on a par with Red-Green matches in previous seasons. Everyone was looking forward to the Crusher playing against his former team. Enforcers were on duty to prevent the crowds attempting to get through the airlocks to the NGF pitch with the ITTS still down. The Forum was packed with fans watching the live vid-feed, as was every large space with a vid terminal in Red. Pre-match interviews with the two player-coaches remained cordial with Wheatley Red saying “I'm sure we're all reasonable people and I expect the game will be played professionally and in good spirits by both sides.”

It's obvious that both teams miss the crowds as they played up to the camera drones in warm-up. The game started much cleaner than expected given the teams' reputations, but soon devolved into the expected physical game. Crusher used his knowledge of Red's formations to get Holmes behind the defence to score. Jan Viteri pulled one back for Red, but Crusher scored another quickly on the break. In the second half, Crusher surprised spectators and Jan Viteri by passing the ball to his ex-team-mate, before taking advantage of his surprise with a solid clothesline tackle. Jan Viteri was substituted off after this, but came back on before the end of the game. Crusher and Buzzcut did some neat cross passes as they dodged the Red defenders to score Harmony's third. Buzzcut was sin-binned for an altercation with 3 Red players, but refused to leave the pitch. He was eventually stun-gunned down by the refs and dragged off for his 5 minute penalty. In a shocking bit of footage, Crusher is seen beating up a Red defender whilst the refs were distracted. A goal-mouth scramble led to Harmony's fourth and final goal; the final score: Red 1, Harmony 4.

This Week on Whitesiders

Esme suffers in silence as her guilt over Derek's murder drives her mad, until Holly notices and wrings a confession from her. Esme's mum reveals she was in love with Derek all along. Colleen has persuaded Chad to stop seeing Holly, but will he keep his promises, and is he already in too deep with the secretive cult? Meanwhile, Mel meets a young man in Worldcraft and he seems a dream come true; is he real, or merely a figment of her imagination?


  • We're coming to save you!
  • That information is restricted.
  • Trust no one - not even yourself.
  • Sven's not retired, he's gone insane. No, actually insane.
  • The ship is a giant seed.
  • Ludwig White is a master hacker of dubious motives.
  • Cheap BOBs for sale in Blackout.
  • Biker gangs are asked to save resources by switching to unicycles!
  • Adopt a lizard today!
  • It's toroids all the way down!
  • Graffiti, in bright red: The Toroid has been opened. Enemies of the Computer beware.
  • I heard there's a fabulous treasure awaiting whoever finds the Captain's Cabin!
  • Morning's party in Rainbow… Oh my. I don't think I'll ever regain my sobriety.
  • An All Stars NGF Game? That'd be schweeeet!
  • There is another toroid, a sixth toroid.
  • I've heard the masked man of blackout has been seen in the core!
  • Blackout are stealing BOBs again.
  • Ship's less crowded with some Navigators stuck in Toroid 3. Maybe we should have put the rest in there and just sealed up the place…
  • There's a library in T4 with information that computer won't let us have!
  • Salamaris has done it again. This time it was censored before it got released.
  • I'm not crazy. There are creatures in the vents!
  • Somebody's been spreading coded revolutionary messages through the rumour mill!
  • Ludwig White is the Captain
  • The Captain is a BOB
  • Taking all bets: In how many different ways can we get screwed over in one month?
  • We are all merely pieces in Computer's little game, rise up and destroy him.
  • Killbot to the rescue!
  • Toroid Zero.
  • We're still connected to earth by an ever-expanding chain of toroids; at the flip we'll form a bridge to the new planet!
  • Things that try to look like things often look more like things than things.
  • That mysterious Masked Blackout guy saved me from muggers and found medicine for my son, all in one day!
  • Nobody travels into toroid 2 without the masked man's say so.
  • Xanto's ghost haunts the Forum.
  • Listen, for the last damn time, I don't know anything about Ludwig White. Will you people stop asking me!
  • Just how many masked individuals are there on this ship?
  • Thanks for breaking the ITTS, guys - now I have an excuse not to visit my aunt in Red!
  • Recycling were behind the Inter-Toroidal Transport System failure - they recycled a vital cable!
  • Looks like Mordecai's going to get promoted soon.
  • Does Computer have a soul?
  • Damn you, Roger Billington!!!
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